Relations of the suspect who were in court on Wednesday quickly paid the fine in order to free the suspect who had been in police detention close to a fortnight. The Northern Regional Police arrested the 38-year-old for stealing a two-day-old baby boy belonging to one Limah Addo at the Tamale West Hospital. The baby boy mysteriously went missing after being discharged from the facility but the disappearance wasn’t a mystery for long thanks to Ghana’s finest and some nosey community residents. Vida could not explain the sudden presence of a child to her neighbours seeing as children don’t grow on trees where she’s from. The concerned residents proceeded to detain her for the chief and then police. Of course she was suspected of stealing a mere baby and not some valuable mangos or bananas hence the absence of a violent lynching.

The Karaga district police took custody of the baby who is well and receiving treatment from nurses at the Karaga district hospital after several days in captivity and when he grows up he will have a story to tell.

This next story lays out the father – son relationship we should all aspire to. Abdul Razak Issah Alhassan, 26, is in the grips of the Tema Community One police for assaulting and inflicting severe cutlass wounds on his father after claims of neglect and constant provocation. His father, Issah Alhassan, is 70. I pray for the grace to feel this attached to my father when he is 70 in some 20 odd years. man-butcher

The suspect, a herdsman, struck the right side of his father’s head, causing a gash profuse bleeding. The injured man was rushed to the Port Clinic where he is said to be responding to treatment. Abdul Razak was a feisty proposition when police got involved stabbing two of them before attempting unsuccessfully to flee. When the suspect was questioned he accused his father of neglecting him and further added that the father has been provoking him – whatever that means. It turns out he was a bit loco and had been undergoing psychiatric treatment at the Tema General Hospital.

This next story should feel most of us with glee. A former Northern Regional Minister who allegedly solicited the services of a lady believed to be a prostitute ended up losing his Ford SUV in Accra in a sneaky theft. The girl got him good. The former minister (name withheld by the media but records exist) allegedly took the lady, Abigail Asiedu, to a hotel at Pig Farm but she had other ideas. She and her boyfriend, Bashiru Ishmael had conspired to steal this ex-Minister’s car. Apparently these two (along with a third individual) are savvy criminal minds who target rich high profile personalities, has used this modus operandi to steal more than eight vehicles from her clients. They reportedly changes the vehicles’ number plates and sells them to unsuspecting buyers. All the stolen vehicles have since been retrieved by the police, with the exception of one.

Information gathered at the hotel indicated that the former minister checked in with Abigail and they had their fair share of sex as you would expect. After their amorous exertions the two decided to relax for a while before leaving the place. Abigail is probably a young feisty beauty and the she probably took the sexual escapade in her stride but this minister was probably old and potbellied and the bouts of sex were just that – bouts. He fell into a deep sleep and Abigail seized the night grabbing the car keys and making away with his car with Bashiru who was on hand. When the minister woke up the classic Bill Duke line filtered through his head.

Reports indicate Abigail and Bashiru had been arrested earlier this year for stealing Honda Civic CRV, Toyota Corolla and a Toyota Camry and I want to ask why they are still on the streets but then just refer to the work of a certain Anas. Abigail was arrested again this time around though there are no details on her arrest. Abigails real name is Habiba Abubakar but she uses multiple names to swindle her targets. During police interrogation she confessed to conspiring with her boyfriend, Ishmael Bashiru, to steal the vehicle but when Ishmael got wind of her arrest he went into hiding. The snitching continued as she mentioned a Nuhu Adams as the receiver of the stolen vehicles, and led the police to Nuhu Adam’s house at Ashaiman but he was absent. The police are on the tail of the two fugitive men. Notice how this story made news when an ex-minister got hit. They should have published his name.

I did say earlier the week had gone by with any violent actions of discipline against children but life does go on and by life I mean child rapes. A 27-year-old teacher, Lawrence Otoo, has been arrested by the police for defiling a 12-year-old pupil of the Community International School at Anaji, in the Western Region. This sexual abuse came to light when a woman (name withheld) reported at the Anaji Police Station that her daughter had been defiled by Otoo.

The police took the victim to the hospital for medical examination and not only was there conformation of the abuse but the young lass was two months and three weeks pregnant. The police proceeded to arrest Otoo. During interrogations the suspect stated he had indeed attempted to have sex with the victim but could not penetrate. I suspect this man finds this lie okay but this still implies he exposed himself to the girl at the very least which still counts as abuse.

teacher1Otoo organised extra classes for the girl and I guess he was taking payment in sex because he had sex with the girl according to more believable reports. The courts await him and hopefully a severe sentence. Teachers who betray our trust should really get the harshest possible punishment. I even feel dirty thinking about him eying his female students during an algebra class – eek!

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