Today, we celebrate our Founding Father’s grandeur. A poetical masterpiece:


I call him the pioneer of African unity,
For he had hopes and dreams of changing the African dynasty.
An academician who possessed a great spirit of patriotism,
He was ready to do all to curtail injustice and favoritism.

A man full of faith, determination and resilience,
He was passionate on making Africa a home of excellence.
Throughout his arcade to achieve emancipation,
He encountered a lot of impediments and intimidation.

Some which included being locked in a prison,
And at times denounced by his own friends for treason.
But none of these scared or dragged him down,
For his only joy was to be able to obtain the freedom crown.

So as the battle was on he never stopped fighting,
Though the British made it difficult he never stopped battling.
Forming his own political party and contesting for elections,
We all thought was a major flaw that will lead to an ejection.

But he proved all of us wrong with his victory cry,
He made it, he made it, Ghana can now laugh and smile.
The struggle for independence that was fought by valiant sons,
As many as they were a lot failed, but victory coming from only one.

Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, YES YOU ARE,
The bright and illustrious African star.
Who believed in the unity of the whole African continent
As that was the only expedient way make to Africa competent.

To be totally free from external and western influence
That had the propensity to incite any Black insurgence.
Hoping that one day Africa will be entirely free.
And live our live as we should and always be glee.



Jacob A. Osae

Posted by Jacob A. Osae

Poet + Songwriter + Screen Writer + Sci Fi & Fantasy Writer = Physicist.

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