Work Underway for the Installation of the Power Plants the SRC Promised


It appears the SRC was not making an empty promise when they charged every student resident on University of Ghana’s main campus GH¢100 for the procurement and installation of power plants at all halls of residence.

They have stood by their words and are ensuring that work on the installation of the power plants commences and progresses steadily to ensure every hall has one as soon as possible.

In the wake of the worsening power crises (dumsor), the University of Ghana SRC, Beginning this semester, billed all students resident on campus a sum of GH¢100 to help them purchase and install power plants at all halls of residence, to reduce the effects of dumsor on academic work.

Unlike many such projects that students have been made to pay for but have never seen the light of day, in just about a month after reopening, work is already underway to get the power plants installed.

Foundations can be seen getting laid at the various locations were the power plants will be installed.

The current SRC administration has been very proactive in ensuring the welfare of students from security to academics. They will have enough to boast about when they hand over to their successors.

We say kudos to them for the good work they are doing.

Raymond Taaku

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