College is about balance – Yes, it’s important to take your classes seriously, but it’s equally as necessary to cut loose and have fun during your undergraduate years.

Business Insider has created a list of schools that best embody this dual principle — the “work hard, play hard” mentality that many students look for.

I found that there are no typical “work hard, play hard” schools here, from liberal arts colleges to the others so if the University of Ghana, Legon, is practicing the “WORK HARD PLAY HARD”,  I see no reason why a few  frustrated students want that to come to an end.

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I want to use this platform to appeal on behalf of my fellow students that the idea to bring down the Hall week celebrations shouldn’t be accommodated because majority of the student populace are against the idea.

Hall week celebrations are an essential part of college education and have been for hundreds of years. It is therefore difficult to understand under which new circumstances they are no longer an essential part of college education.

Organized group or individual entertainment is an important part of college life.  It develops social spirit, entertains, and promotes the college reputation regionally.

Some want to develop in a college environment but are ill suited for a purely academic life. Are these worthwhile goals? They have been for very long and we would need compelling reasons to make a change.  As those students do not understand why we have college entertainment, they are least in a position to understand why we shouldn’t. In simple terms, if someone cannot articulate the reason why we do something they are not suited to propose why we should stop.

On this note I would like the university council to adhere to the voice of the masses. I stand to be corrected. Thanks.

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Bra MichaelConcerned Student,



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