Engineering in Ghana is sick, and the Ghana Engineering Students Association (GESA) is a cliché, and I mean these in the most terrible way.
We all must have heard the story where, the Ghanaian mechanical and automobile engineer called a road side mechanic to fix his car. Well, when I gained admission into KNUST, “the primer engineering university in Ghana”, I wasn’t expecting much. I only clinched a sliver of hope that the stories I heard about this institution were exaggerated. My hopes were however shattered at my first lecture.

Engineering Technology or ‘engine tech’ as it was called. It was to introduce us to the various machines and methods that were used in manufacturing, design and fabrication. It would also introduce us to the working principles of refrigerators, cars airplanes, and solar panel. To our dismay however, this was how it went;
Bring notebooks, write what will be dictated to you and submit it for marking at the end of the semester it will be worth thirty marks and your exam will cover the remaining seventy.

It’s been three years now since those days in my ‘engine tech’ class and I must say things have improved as we climbed higher up the ladder. However, the anguish I felt those early days was restored when I came across the posters for the 2016 edition of the GESA maker fair. A look at the upcoming program lineup spells out an association that is carelessly tactless.
IMG-20160212-WA00132016 GESA Maker fair

One would think that when an association whose name literally has engineering in it, organizes a week-long celebration then that celebration will have some’ engineering’ in it. Take a look at the program however and you will see; Patrons cup, Health and investment talk, Career Faire, Career Fair Movie Show, Gospel rock show and a Debate. “I mean come on!” On what planet is this an engineering student’s week celebration.

This is a shame, because as an association, GESA has the duty of upholding the interest of engineering students and promote engineering itself. I do not see how this is bean achieved by this week-celebration especially seeing as it has the fattest budget.

Instead of a patron’s cup what if we would have a patron’s fund for student’s projects where during a competition final year students who can best defend their final year project are giving funds to carry them out.

How about instead of an investment talk we get a talk on Application of Mathematics by professor Allotey., Where students hear, how mathematics can be applied in their daily life and on the field of work. After all we learn math and never seem to know what we will use it for.
A technology show and not a Gospel rock show (not that there is anything wrong with worshiping God). Better yet how about an exhibition where students who are talented and have skill in the different engineering field showcase what they can do, expose them to investors and mentor. Surely this will serve engineering better than a debate.
chrlesAn innovative devise by KNUST students that allow famers to store grains for longer periods

In my express opinion this year’s GESA week program line up is yet another flub that makes me doubt that the future of engineering in Ghana is on a course to light. It is a disgrace to Engineering students and to engineering at large, as such it must be withdrawn, and a new committee be formed to plan a celebration worthy of engineering students, GESA, and the college of engineering.

By: Charles Ofori, 3rd year Mechanical Engineering student (KNUST)

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  1. Obama says:

    So true. i am trying so hard not to let myself believe that im doing s course that i will have to imagine EVERYTHING in class. Too bad i will have to solve field problems by imaginations. The future of Ghana is IMAGINED 😉

  2. Evans Arthur says:

    I think Engineering outside school is much worth than in a gated school community, this is because hardly can an engineering students boost of their field of study when we meet the outsider engineer who had his or her three year or two in a local base venture at Kumasi Magazine . (sorry for the wrong spelling) .
    As a matter of fact even some project work of we students are being sent to them to do for us and then we present them for marks just to graduate.
    I think the world is dynamic when it comes to innovation, the teaching and learning of engineering,so it about time our education sector adopt a proper way of teaching engineering even from the basic level to the tertiary so that the understanding of engineering concept wouldn’t be a headache to students.
    I believe that when we consider this concept we can understand engineering better from the basic level to the tertiary.
    It my prayer that just as medical students are being sent outside the country for a better health training ,I think there should be a system of such for engineering student to.
    Thank you.

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