Many a times we are faced with the task of choosing from the available options to complete a task or solve a problem in life. Even though all options may oppose to our own convictions, we are forced to kowtow because they are what we are presented with. To counter this ancient mindset, one can take the fish or perhaps a bird as a case study. Some questions that will help in our understanding process are:

What problem are we faced with?

How did people with a similar problem arrive at a solution?

Are the circumstances the same?

And the point of emphasis here, what resources are available to deal with the problem.

The first question is a matter of self examination and accepting that yes you do have a problem. The two following questions can be answered by simply accessing literature that deals with your problem. The last question which inspires this article deals with resources and and whether or not the ones available to us are perfect for our intended task or whether we need to travel to find the one we need to solve a problem or complete a task. Humans as we are our natural instinct is to moil with the resources provided to us by our superiors or the ones the environment makes accessible to us. If those resources prove efficient then it’s a hallelujah, however, if they fail us, we turn to be miserable beings and the determined ones attack from different angles and the like. In the global north countries the indolent ones may try changing their interest or course while the ones in third world Africa may just sit and blame an old woman in their home town.
Nonetheless it should be noted that resources are at the core of every expedition or problem solving process and therefore should be given up most priority whether or not your environment provides you with the appropriate ones,key word appropriate.
More often than not the natural environment would surely make available resources that are needed to solve problems of those living around. But instead of acting like a village champion arriving in the city and receiving everything in joy, may be just maybe you should reject or sieve what your environment throws at you.
Many are befuddled by the question, do fishes get thirsty. The answer is yes. The fact that they live all their lives in water does not mean they do not thirst. The question is how do they quench their thirst. Unlike humans it should be noted that fish do not drink water. Their thirst is quenched by the very popular science term; osmosis. Their skin or if you like scales are semi permeable membranes, therefore when they are in fresh water the water enters them by osmosis. But take the situation they are thirsty and there are not in fresh water or none is nearby, do they thirst to death?, it’s a big NO. The same process takes place as in fresh water. Just that this time they do not take whatever or everything the sea throws at them. The sea water as we all know is full of salt and the fish also just like humans has no interest in consuming salt water. What happens then? The fish, with the help of its specialized cells, excretes the excess salt from the water absorbed into it by help the gills.
Birds are also very interesting creatures around us, that could be studied to prove the point at hand.

Birds live in the bush most at times, at least wild birds. And obviously their nest are made of grass. But do these birds pick the closest grass around them and build a nest with it? NO. Some birds travel over 5 miles to picks strands of grass one by one for about a week in order to build a strong nest in a carefully selected tree. They do not just work with the grass surrounding their tree of choice or in the versa building the nest on a tree close to their selected materials(grass). No, they choose the best and only the best, although there may be near qualities they could make lemonade from.

So point is, do not nonchalantly take everything your environment gives you. You are capable of daring away to find your own resources or perhaps make your own resources. It is all in YOU.

By Oswald Kevin Azumah



Former student of University of Ghana Article writer|| Journalist|| Critic|| Altar server|| Peer Counselor # I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME

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