Where is Mikdad, Lost? or Hiding? Part 3 (Final Part)


Mikdad Mohammed

Twain sets the tone

“It was about a humorous lecturer who flooded an ignorant audience with the killingest jokes for an hour and never got a laugh; and then when he was leaving, some gray simpletons wrung him gratefully by the hand and said it had been the funniest thing they had ever heard, and “it was all they could do to keep from laughin’ right out in meeting’.”

Is there any better way to start the final leg of the search for Mikdad Mohammad than with a quote from a Mark Twain classic-The Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court. A great tale about a 19th century Hartford citizen who awakens, not just to find himself in a strange land, but in a different century, 528 AD. So I woke up, to find myself in a strange debacle, from being identified as a “mischief mongering student journalist” to being addressed in an epic letter titled “My Dear ‘Mischief-Mongering-Student-Journalist’. The joy of a 4.0 write up by a Senior Colleague, helped put things in perspective, I was certain, like the connecticut Yankee, the tale may be extremely funny that the silence of the masses was all they could do to “to keep from laughing out in reading (not meeting in this scenario).

So the journey continues, the goal of engaging in a quasi historical analysis, with the hope of shaping the conscience of society, to rise, to meditate, to critically assess the role of the “vanquished” in society, and more importantly ask a key question, “what can society do to help the “vanquished”.

Before I descend to tell the whereabouts of our own Mikdad Mohammed, a gentle reminder to first time readers to read the first two parts of this epic tale, before settling on the sequel;

Part 1 and Part 2



John F Kennedy, am told, asked the citizens of America an unusual question, he had drifted from the atypical questions, a question that in this age and time would have prompted the author of the 4.0 write up to call for clarification from ‘He who describes one as a monger, of no mean a commodity than mischief’. He asked the citizens to ponder deeply about what they can do for society.

What role ought they play? Days and months after been rejected by the masses. A look at the history of such ‘electoral victims’ on Legon campus provides a grotesque image for many. Some victims rose, from the epoch of defeat to emerge victorious in other keenly contested elections. For some, it was the icing on the cake, a good send off party to their long imagined political retirement.

The role of Society

In all instances, society remained the same, with the same elements dictating the pace and interpreting the happenings of the day. Some were ridiculed for losing an election, others become a modern day Charlie Chaplin for attempting a come back (mainly unsuccessful ones).
The elements in society, while enjoying the seeming everlasting joy of engaging in both acts, proudly ask “Where is Joshua Boadi?Where is Stephen Tettehgah?, Where is Paul Kadan, how about Fauziya Ali, my humble self Joseph Ackah-Blay and the “jack”(blowman)-main character Mikdad Mohammed.

Mikdad’s location

In my tiring search I found Mikdad, not in Commonwealth Hall like someone suggested on facebook, not in Akropong(for NUGS) Congress like I was made to believe, but in the bossom of an imaginary lady residing in an inner room room in a dumsor friendly Hall (my opinion). Where else was I supposed to find him? For there, one finds peace, away from the society that makes such people feel inferior, away from the public ridicule, a journey far away from been overly critized in every move one makes.

The way forward

Society has indeed been mocked by some ‘vanquished’ in times past, denying society of the fine brains they possess, but we obviously must begin to appreciate such persons who put themselves up to serve community. We must be willing, to create a friendly atmosphere that not only welcomes them back after the shock of election results, but encourages them to flourish and become useful in society.

Anytime we ask of the whereabouts of Mikdad Mohammed, let’s ask of the role of society in making Mikdad found. Time will certainly tell.

The motivation for writing this article was ignited by the story of an Alumnus of the University of Ghana, Dr.Barnor who said “After losing the SRC elections (contested as Secretary), I have never ventured into politics again”.

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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  1. Abekah Emmanuel says:

    Very inspiring piece! Enjoyed all the episodes. I like your simplicity of expression and your objective approach to your topic.
    Society should be pay attention to the ‘vanquished’ and not to subject them to ridicule.

    Keep it up!

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