DUMSOR abandons UG main campus for “diaspora”


The latest addition to the famous wikipedia is a word quite popular in our part of the world – Dumsor.

The online encyclopedia defines it as “a popular Ghanaian term used to describe persistent electric power outages which has resulted due to the insufficient power production to meet the population growth of the country”.

Dumsor has hit most parts of the country hard and those who possess the wherewithal have resorted to the use of power plants. While we on University of Ghana campus await the installation of our power plants which we have been made to pay for, dumsor here on campus seems to reside mainly at the new halls of residence. IT or HE or SHE only visits main campus (the traditional halls) once in a while.

Residents of Alex Kwapong, Jean Nelson, Elizabeth Sey, Hilla Limann, J.T.N Yankah , African Union and the other residential facilities, often referred to as “the diaspora”, are quite fed up with this cruel fellow. Even before the USAG press conference, the situation seemed to be much better on main campus. While the Premier Hall, the residence of the Ladies with style and vision, the home of Common Sense, the Farm where the farmers live and the Vandal City enjoy a rare visit from this dumsor fellow, the rest of the residences have to deal with him almost everyday! why then does dumsor love the “diaspora”, we just need to evict him once this is answered…

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

Posted by Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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