We Intend to Spend 248,393 Cedis This Semester- UG SRC Treasurer


Treasurer of the University of Ghana SRC, Mr. Perry Johnson , has indicated that the SRC intends spending 248,393 Cedis for the first semester of the 2015/2016 Academic Year.

The budget for the semester was approved by the legislative arm of the student Union-The General Assembly after members had quizzed the Treasurer about components of the budget.


An earlier budget had been laid before the House two weeks ago during the first sitting. That document was withdrawn by Treasurer due to low turnout (most members had left the House) as well the need to review certain components (reason given by Mr.Johnson).

New Budget

The new document laid before the House was different from the document withdrawn two weeks ago. The withdrawn budget had an amount of 254,978 cedis as the proposed expenditure with a surplus of 65,035.65. The approved document however, has a proposed expenditure of 248,393 cedis, a difference of 6,585 and a surplus of 71,620.65.

There was some bit of controversy with regards to the balance brought down (amount left in coffers by erstwhile administration). The approved document had this stated as 13.65 cedis. The audited financial statement of the Joshua Dogbe led administration however, put the amount left in coffers as 35,548.05. The Treasurer explained to the House that the SRC operates two accounts, the University account and the SRC account of which one is operational. The stated amount was thus, the amount found in the operational account of the SRC.

Estimated Revenue and Expenditure

The expected revenue for the year is an amount of 320,000 cedis (20,000 cedis-sponsorship, SRC dues-300,000 cedis)
Below is a breakdown of the estimated expenditure

General Assembly 2,700.00
Welfare Committee 5,010.00
Disciplinary Committee 400.00
Non-Resident Student Affairs 750.00
Projects and Programmes 28,300
Academic Affairs 1,730.00
Finance Committee 600.00
Intelligence Committee 550.00

Scholarship Committee 450.00
Women’s Commission 7,105.00
Printing of Exercise Books 8,000.00
General Administrative Expenses 24,868.00
Sponsorship Committee 800.00
SRC Week Celebration 55,900.00
Projects on other Campuses 63,000.00
External Affairs Committee 34,850.00

Electoral Commission 800.00
Akwaaba Brucnh 7,350.00
Publicity and Information Committee 1,300.00
Entertainment Committee 650.00
Sports Committee 3,280.00

Total 248,393.00
Surplus 71,620.65

Allowance for Executive Officers

The allowance for Executive Officers, captured under General Administrative expenses was one item on the budget discussed at length.
Below is a breakdown of the administrative expenses

Printing of Letter heads (1000 pieces) 1,000.00
Toner Catridge 1,200
Office Stationary 700.00
Cabinet meeting (10 by 20 by 5) 1,000
Communication 800
Fuel for Van and Driver allowance 3,000.00
Refreshment (Vetting Committee) 400.00
Stipend for care taker (100 by 4months) 400.00

Residential Fees for Ex.Officers

SRC President 2,164.00
SRC Vice President 1,152.00
SRC Secretary 1,150.00
SRC Treasurer 1,152.00
Execom meetings (10 by 20 by 5) 1,000.00

Executive Allowance

15 by 30 days by 5months by 4 executives

Total 24,868.00

The SRC is expected to operate with this budget for this Semester.

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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