“#VORTEX17”, may have hit a dead end when majority of General Assembly members of the University of Ghana SRC in the early hours of this morning(12th February 2017) voted to set aside the conventional SRC WEEK CELEBRATION scheduled for March this year with an estimated budget of GHC40,000

There was a heated argument among the honorables when the activities for the SRC WEEK CELEBRATION were outlined before the house.
Activities such as cooking competition, gospel rock show and health screening among others were not enough to convince members of the General Assembly who believed there are much more pressing matters for the SRC to address and consequently a motion was moved and seconded to set aside this year’s SRC WEEK CELEBRATION. Some members however argued that the program line up could be altered, others like Hon Sylvester Amoako was of the view that, instead of deciding for the entire student body whether or not they want an SRC WEEK CELEBRATION, the JCR representatives could simply help the house conduct a referendum to settle the issue. The SRC President, Her Excellency Esinam Seade moved a counter motion against the setting aside of the SRC WEEK CELEBRATION. The leadership of the house resolved to allow honorable members vote to decide the issue.

A submission from Hon Jeffery Amoah to vote by secret ballot was rejected. A head count vote was subsequently taken and 19 members voted to set aside the SRC WEEK CELEBRATION, 17 members voted against and 12 members abstained from voting.

The speaker then proceeded to hear other programs the committee had for students.

Story By Oswald K. Azumah



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  1. Arthur Bright says:

    Incurring GH 40,000 on a celebration that will leave no lasting marks on the minds of students is completely unnecessary…the honourable president might argue that its funded on sponsorships from companies but i believe there are better projects pressing needs worrying the student fraternity which the SRC can help solve instead of all this frivolous ostentative spendings. The general assembly should be firm on their decisions and not accept this overly budgeted celebration

    1. K.K. says:

      The SRC week celebration is a constitutional requirement and in my opinion the entire student body should have decided this matter in a referendum.

  2. Harry says:

    Who are these guys representing in the general assembly??? The JCR and whoever make up the student’s representative council are not made Lords over us and certainly not dictators. How can you take a decision affecting students without the consent of the students? If we are paying for the week’s celebration, we are expecting for the week to be celebrated. If not, we would have petitioned against paying it in the first place. The motion to have had the students decide in a referendum was a valid one and whoever that chair of the assembly was to shoot it down is clearly a dictator. Unless, they are planning to pay us back our monies allotted for the week’s celebration, then they owe us the responsibility to make it happen. And like hell they shouldn’t think of reallocating that money into something else.you cannot order what my money should and shouldn’t be used for; especially behind my back. If we are being represented, we just as hell should be able to know it!

    1. K.K. says:

      This is a firm argument. I care less whether or not the week is celebrated but I believe GA did not act in the interest of students and i am expecting a legal action to be taken sooner than later.

  3. kay says:

    I am sure we will hear from the likes of Councel Bekoe soon. This is looking to be a constitutional breech

  4. Bil says:

    GA making bad decisions
    Thank God the court quashed it and the week came on

  5. Bil says:

    So its over now

  6. Kk says:


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