When I was in SHS, they told us Vandals are loyal, they said Vandals in the University of Ghana don’t sell one another out, they said Vandals are truthful and helpful. They said you can survive with only a spoon in this hall, because you just have to go from one room to the other and eat free! But when I came, I saw that borrowing even a rice cooker from a Vandal next door was a problem.

I came and I saw a Vandal lock his room and leave because fellow Vandals use his microwave and will put their stews in his fridge. It’s been a sad development for me. I systematically sat and realized that the problem started from leadership, because in school, I learnt, too, that leadership is everything. Every single moment leadership fails, the roots, rot! Every single moment a Vandal sacrifices another vandal over bottles of some drinks, and some items, Vandalism dies.

Every single moment; past, present or future, when money or drinks exchanged or exchanges hands because a Vandal brother is to be sold out over an issue by some greedy bastards parading as holy, at that very moment God Himself spits on our so called Vandal solidarity and curses the lies we tell ourselves that “we are one” and that “Truth Stands” when it stoops. Fellow Vandals, all hope is not lost though. The hope we have now is that there are some honesty & truth in the 3 Great young men who lead now, and I tell you, they will need your full support. But should they too sell you out, which is NOT likely, don’t hesitate to stand fearlessly for the truth by speaking up boldly because Vandalism is not cowardice or intimidation; afterall, can anyone be more Vandal than Vandals themselves?

All students must be roped in, whether from Kwapong, Sarbah or Jubilee and all of us too must help them, and when you have some advice for your leaders as a Vandal, feel free and find a nice way of passing it to them. I know they will listen and work with it if it is sound as they did at the Emergency JCR meeting. I want you to think about something … think about this … if we make attempts to impeach JCR officers, most recently Kofi Adu and EC Hammond because “some” Vandals “judged” that their performance did not meet their expectations, what do we do to the ”Chiefs” who don’t perform? How do we even judge their performance should we one day decide to rate the “actual work” they do?

Think about it… If Vandals fail to think, people will continue collecting items, and evens moneys (some are straight political bribes) in the name of Vandalism and there will be no work done except chalking that “Vandals storm so so and so”, think about it! Never in the history of Vandalism has the founding revolutionary idealism of our Hall being questioned than now, and it is so because we wasted one year of our noble tradition investing in partisan zombies remote-controlled by parochial tribal-partisan forces and who are ideally ideologically bankrupt about the tenets of the Vandalism they made noise about- the idea of ubuntu! I am because we are!

The philosophy of Khuluma Isintu! Vandals Harambee! Standing and helping one another! Amandlaaaaa… Aaaaah, we lost it! But there is Hope! Because I see an indelible LEGACY forming, with all CLEAN hands on board. So sometimes I wonder, whether this is the life our forbears lived and those before them. Think about this too. If need be, I shall write again, and I will do so because I love Vandalism, and I need not carry a badge for that, even perchers too (if they exist) are Vandals in their own right. For now, my brothers, May the exams be kind to us, even as we prepare to lash DR MFODWO!

Source: MIKDAD Mohammed Kadaflah Adams

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

Posted by Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

Writer|Social Critic|Patriotic Ghanaian|Nationalist and committed to African values|Radio Show host @Radio Univers 105.7| Student at University of Ghana|Twitter:@BlayAckah|Facebook:Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay|

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