University of Ghana Students Launch #OccupyLegon Pressure Group


A group of University of Ghana students have formed a pressure group called occupy Legon. According to Master Daniel Amewor, leader of the group, the formation became necessary because they believe that some past student leaders did not conduct themselves appropriately in accordance with the SRC constitution but no one has stood up to put these people to account for their actions and the law.
“We stand for Justice, Equity, and Accountability”. He told
The group aims to engage students in sensitization campaigns by collaboration with student leaders to undertake talk shows targeted at students. Other activities shall include releasing of writs, suing, and appealing in the law courts whenever necessary to protect students’ interest and promote their welfare locally, nationally, and internationally. “Yes, we have all the policies of the incoming administration at hand. Everything is documented, with their timelines”. He added.
The highest decision making body of OccupyLegon is a 7 member Central Council, whose membership is strictly by appointment and they shall operate in accordance with the University of Ghana SRC Constitution, NUGS Constitution and the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, to which they have their constitution aligned. According to their constitution, new members will be screened and added based on their competence.
Responding to whether they had something against the incoming administration, Daniel had this to say “I believe personally (not talking for the movement) this administration will not have much problems. This is from my own analysis and speculations but we wait to see, who knows?
I should say importantly that we are not against the government or leadership. We are with the people. If the government is against the people, they find themselves against us, and us against them. If the government is for the people, we are with and for the government. We are not in to run-down and cause trouble to any government, unnecessarily. We are all for the building up of this fraternity, and not its destruction. So if you are against the people, it is likely you will be against us and if you are for the people, you are for and with us. We are not coming to cause unnecessary and unimportant troubles to any government and we will be working hand-in-hand with most of the student leadership mostly on sensitization of the students on various matters.”
He however hinted of an incoming case, which he believes will not require the Council of Legal Advisors. “This should be more of an appeal to the SRC. It will come in very soon.”
Leading members of the CC (Central Council) are Daniel Amewor,Thelma Agbakpe, Emmanuel Opoku and Peter Anning, who are all students. They believe their team is very competent and committed to the success of the group and therefore, they should finish “occupying” Legon in a few months.
OccupyLegon is currently getting links and coordinating their activities through their page on Facebook – OccupyLegon – and can be reached by email at –

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