University of Cape Coast (UCC) website hacked by Bangladesh Hackers


The homepage of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) website was on Saturday midnight hacked by a hacker who calls himself Mr Bangladesh.

A visit to the homepage of the university’s website displays the email address of the hacker and information that the site has been hacked.

It is unclear the motive for Mr. Bangladesh’s hack but it is believed he did that for pleasure. It took him nearly a year to complete a total hijack of the website.

The practice of hacking a university website is prevalent in the western world. In September 2011, Harvard University’s website was hacked by ‘Syrian Electronic Army’. But the phenomenon is rare in Ghana.

We are yet to hear official pronouncement from the ICT centre of UCC. Keep visiting our website as we continue to follow the issue and bring you more updates.

Mr. Bangladesh and the BD GREY HAT HACKERS


Mr. Bangladesh is a member of the BD GREY HAT HACKERS – a group of hackers responsible for carrying out several cyber attacks all over the world. Mostly the reason behind their attacks is to protest what is detestable by the group and to show off their expertise in hacking.

The group began operations in 2012 and have most of their members from Bangladesh and India. Their first major cyber attack was in November 2012 when they attacked and defaced about 54 Israeli websites to protest what the hackers described as Israelis disrespect for their prophet Muhammad.

They have since then carried several attacks in the cyber space. This includes an attack on the official website of the United nations in Botswana October 2013. The official website of Board of Control for Crickets in India (BCCI) was defaced in November 2013 by the group. The hackers went ahead to shutdown 49 popular adult website in the same year.

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