There have been two successive administrations ever since the strategic plan of the Student Representative Council of the University of Ghana, agreed to act as policy directive for SRC administrations from 2015 to 2020 was launched.

Sincerely, there have been little from successive administrations to implement policy objectives of the strategic plan. Even though the strategic plan has its own falls, I feel the document contains very relevant solutions to the problems of the SRC and have aims and objectives that will lead to the maximization of the student welfare.

If you take a critical look at the objectives of the src strategic plan, candidates for positions will not even have to rack their brains for policies because everything is captured in that document.

The only problem we have now as a union is willingness of src administrations to implement the demands of the strategic plan. Most SRC administrations are usually concerned about provisions in the strategic plan that will be of political advantage to them.

One of the objectives that have been implemented is the issue of converting satellite Src like that of the Accra City Campus and Distance Education into organized JCR and Association. This is one of the parts where I felt planners of the strategic plan did not do due diligence. Reducing them to JCR or associations do not help for the attainment of the decentralisation objective of the strategic plan. The composition of these units is one that goes beyond jcr and associations.

I think planners of the Strategic plan should have taken a critical look at this situation and recommended for a review of the statutes of the University for the Recognition of satellite src’s. This I believe will even increase students representation on boards of the University.

I however do not blame entirely elected executives for their unwillingness to implement objectives of the strategic plan.
I feel the general assembly has done less in this regard.

The monitoring and evaluation aspect of the plan stipulates that a board of trustees be formed to monitor and evaluate progress of the strategic plan on quarterly base. The board is expected to present a report to general assembly for approval and this has never been done. General Assembly also seem unconcerned about it.

The strategic plan mandates the disciplinary committee to also monitor and evaluate regularly the progress of every administration against the strategic plan.
This has also never been done and GA is silent about it.

Most importantly, the strategic plan gives powers to the general assembly to sanction executives who act contrary to the provisions of the 5 year strategic plan.

It is important to state that the failure of the General Assembly to exercise it’s oversight responsibility on the executive and carry out its activities as expected in an objective manner is one of the major causes for the state of the SRC now.

I must conclude by saying the strategic plan is binding on successive administrations hence SRC administrations should take keen interest in implementing the objectives in it in a holistic manner instead of implementing parts that will push their parochial interest.

Agyemang Hanson

Posted by Agyemang Hanson

A young debater, writer, journalist and student of the University of Ghana, who believes in the individual potential to effect a positive change for the development of society.

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