UG Appoints President of Ghana Football Association to Promote Sports at the University


Kwesi Nyantakyi, GFA president

The President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwesi Nyantakyi, has been appointed as a member of the University of Ghana Sports Advisory Board to help promote sports at the university.

A letter signed by the Director of Sports of the university, Dr Bella Bello Bitugu, confirming Mr Nyantakyi’s appointment, and sighted by the Daily Graphic said, “The University of Ghana Sports Advisory Board welcomes you as the representative of the GFA on the board”.

It said Mr Nyantakyi’s inclusion on the board was meant to help formulate policies towards the realisation of the university’s strategic plans regarding sports in its entire dimension, recreational, health, competitive and academic.

The letter further said Mr Nyantakyi would also  advise on the integration of sports as an academic discipline within the course credit system, as well as consider ways in which the directorate could be strengthened and knew he could effectively serve the recreational, health, competitive and academic needs of the University of Ghana in particular and the public in general.

“He is also to advise on the development and optimal use of prevailing sports infrastructure with a view to maintaining it at international levels,” the letter added, and expressed the hope the GFA capo would bring his knowledge and expertise in sports to help promote sports at the university.

The appointment by the premier university comes on the heels of Mr Nyantakyi’s recent election onto the Executive Council of the Federation of Association Football (FIFA) where the latter beat his Madagascan counterpart by a single vote to join the Council.




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