Titanic Vrs Noah’s Ark; The World’s Greatest Contrasting Inventions Ever Made.


The Titanic was one of the greatest wonders of the world. Many people would travel the Atlantic ocean on the biggest ship for the first time and make a remarkable history on a journey across the mighty ocean.Whereas Noah’s Ark was, also one of the greatest innovations made by man and was the first of its kind to be built in its era. Yet there exist some great contrast between this similar but opposite ships built by man during the early years of civilization and the history of man.


  1. Many people built the Titanic, mostly engineers and professionals in the ship industry. But only one man built the Ark hence the name Noah’s Ark.
  2. Everybody believed in the Titanic as a success whiles only Noah believed in the Ark.
  3. The Titanic was bigger than the Noah’s Ark.
  4. The Titanic was longer than the Noah’s Ark.
  5. The Titanic was higher than the Noah’s Ark.
  6. There were more people on board of the Titanic than those on the Noah’s Ark.
  7. There were different people of social status on the Titanic but there were on different animals of various classes on the Ark.
  8. Everybody expected the Ark to fail or destroy but nobody expected the Titanic to sink.
  9. Most people ridiculed Noah and made fun of him but everybody cheered the Titanic and hailed it.
  10. At the end, the unsinkable Titanic went down the bottom of the ocean sinking without any hope. However, the Ark of Noah rose up to the zenith of the mountain Ararat.
  11. Don’t forget the Titanic was made of Steel and obviously better than Noah’s Ark.

Now the lessons we can all learn:

  1. When you begin to build your dream, a lot of people will not build it with you but build it anyway.
  2. Everybody may believe in someone else but you have to believe in yourself.
  3. Your rivals may be bigger than you are but you are also big.
  4. Your competitors may be older and stayed longer in the field more than you.
  5. Your colleagues and classmates may be higher than you but you are high too.
  6. Others may have more people than you.
  7. Others may have more connection, links and networks than you may have.
  8. Most people may expect you to fail but don’t listen to them.
  9. Most people may ridicule and make fun of you while they hail and cheer others.
  10. But at the end of the journey most often than not the tables will turn.

You will rise to the mountain and everyone will see your dream that you built which you never gave up on.


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