One of the greatest things that ever happened to me is my Mother. I can say for a fact that if not for her I will not be where I am currently. As a student I have never forgotten that. And I will never forget that! And one thing I will also never forget is her resounding statement she always made: “Son, when you go to school don’t just be a student, but rather be an extraordinary student.” The statement was deep, though the understanding was not articulate; I hoped to understand it one day. With this her words still ricocheting in my ears, it gave me the impetus to do a personal probation to the kinds of students I have come across in my life. I denote them as multi-coloured students and the white coloured students. With my diminiscle research I will like to expound on these types of students.


The first, I call them the White coloured students. The white coloured student operates with the white coloured mentality. And what is the white coloured mentality? The white coloured student believes in only his books. He never misses lectures. He is so keen on graduating with a first class and has little or no social or spiritual life. He admires most of his lectures as he desires to be like them in the future. The White coloured student has in mind to graduate with a good class so he can work for a reputable company. He does not make enough plans for the future. He sits for stuffs to happen, he does not rise to make things happen. To him, the world is about seeing is believing and that is the only thing that moves him in this world. He only thinks inside the box….


Then to the multi coloured student. The multi-coloured student, believes in versatility. He believes knowledge is not everything. He is not so concerned with academics and not so perturbed with graduating with a first class. He thinks outside the box. In class he is interested in understanding what is taught than scoring higher marks in exams. He has the creative factor – he seeks to create his own more that patronizing that of others. He believes and has hopes of setting up his own business after school. The multi-coloured student is ardently involved in social and spiritual activities aside academic work. He attends public lectures and seminars to broaden his scope. He joins social clubs and other vibrant fraternities to get to know people and also to augment his familiarity with people.  He is abreast of the current state of his economy and any other pertinent news in the world.


After a hard luck of research and probation this is what I have been able to discover. A lot of us may fall under one of the two or may belong to both. I believe every human is unique in his own way and should be proud of the kind of person he or she is. I am not trying to praise or “condescend” any person with my faction of students. This is just what I discovered from my research and survey.


But finally, I will like to say that, you do not need to be a multi-coloured student or a white coloured student to excel in this life. But we can learn from the traits expounded here and pick certain traits and add it up to ours that will aid us in shaping us to be extraordinary students that my mom and all other parents want their children to be.


Jacob A. Osae

Posted by Jacob A. Osae

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