The Value of Graduate Studies for Job-Seeking: Access Masters event, 6th September


Are you looking for employment opportunities that can truly unleash your career potential at home or abroad? If it feels like you are short on prospects, there is one path that can take you where you want to go – the international Master’s degree.

Graduate studies are designed for Bachelor’s degree holders who need that extra step in their education to gain a competitive edge in the pool of job applicants. International Master’s programmes, which usually take one or two years to complete, have unique ways to develop your professional skills and interpersonal qualities.

This is how a Master’s specialisation can give you the nudge you are looking for in your chosen field.

Find a job abroad

Every year, reports outlining the employment prospects for young graduates prove that companies would like to hire more international Master’s degree holders. Survey results collected by research provider GMAC show that most companies in Europe (72%) planned to hire Master in Management graduates in 2018. At the same time, almost half of surveyed employers from the US were interested in hiring international talent. This is important information for Ghana’s youth as many local students over the past years have shown interest in these destinations.

If the numbers are not enough to convince you of the universal value of the degree, just remind yourself that the world we live in is increasingly dynamic and interconnected. More than ever, organisations are in need of globally minded talent equipped with the most up-to-date knowledge in their field.

Build a regional career

Just as the Master’s degree can open the door to a career abroad, it can also improve your hiring prospects in your home country. As the pool of job applicants is very competitive, having the international diploma on your CV/resume can be a major advantage for you if you plan to return to Ghana or the region after graduation. According to a study by the British Council, employers in Ghana find that local graduates have gaps in their soft skills training and need to demonstrate better teamwork, problem-solving, and reliability.

Fortunately, many reputable universities pay particular attention to the importance of these transferable qualities in their graduate programmes. Attending Master’s studies abroad will give you the toolkit necessary to excel in your specialisation of choice as well the ability to thrive in today’s dynamic work environment. The ultimate way to give back to your home country and contribute to its economic and social status is by investing in your own future.

At this year’s Access Masters event in Accra, you will have the opportunity to discover much more about the value of the degree. Test preparation and CV/resume workshops, lotteries for a free course, and the chance to win a campus visit anywhere in the world are just some of the perks you can expect at the event. Participants will also receive exclusive guidance on how to finance their graduate studies.

Take the next step in your educational journey with Access Masters in Accra, 6 September 2019

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