Who are we? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What do we stand for? How did we end up on this planet called earth? Is there a supernatural Creator? Does man evolve with each passing century? What does the future hold for us? Who created our universe? Did the universe come out of its own? Is there a beginning of our universe? And will there be the end of our Universe? These are very pertinent queries that battle the mind most at times if we decide to plunge into them. For many, its better we do not ask about theses at all. We should just continue living our lives and stick to what we have come to believe and accept as good.

For time immemorial, scientist all over the world have been working assiduously just to be able to answer all the questions asked above. But the more they try, the blurrier they get. As a physicist which is the primordial studies for humanity, I will talk from my field.

Physics is mainly divided into two main factions, namely the MORDEN ERA which include subjects like Thermodynamics, Newtonian Mechanics, Kinetic theory and Electromagnetism. Then to the other facet called the NEW ERA, which comprise of Quantum Theory and General Relativity. The main objective of Physicist who have died and those who are alive and including those who are to born is to find that particular thing the answers all the quandaries from our introduction. A conscious effort have been made to find what we popularly called the –THEORY OF EVERYTHING – as coined by popular English Physicist Professor Stephen Hawking. The theory of everything in simple words is,:

a single unifying equation, which will explain everything in the universe.

Thus, with the achievement of a theory of everything, all the quandaries stated above can now be answered flawlessly. Albert Einstein, one of the great minds in the world of Physics and the world was so headstrong on finding a way of unifying Quantum Theory and General relativity. Thus finding the theory of everything. But he was not able to achieve that till his demise. But that quest to find the THEORY OF EVERYTHING has not ended with the death of Albert Einstein. Scientists in the 20th century also did their best in their quest to finding the theory of everything. We are in the 21st century and scientist have not still given up yet. We are still optimistic that come one day we shall find this equation and all the conspiracy theories and controversy of humanity will all be unveiled.

In conclusion, I like to say, life has been so easy and more worth living due to the tirelessness and sleepless night of scientist in the laboratories. Yet the world do not really appreciate what science has done for humanity. Let’s take a look around us, iPhones, apple laptops, iPads, Samsung galaxies cell phones, packet traces, GPS tracking devices, bio scanning machines , dialysis machines, MRI machines and a whole lot…the list is endless. All these have been possible due to the complicated calculations we do in the classroom, the colossal hours we spend in the laboratory, the depravity of science students from having a social life all culminate into one thing – making life so easy and flexible for mankind. But our ultimatum still stand sure having its seal, we still believe that there exist a single unifying equation that explain everything in the universe, and that, we will continue the fight to find THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING.

Jacob A. Osae

Posted by Jacob A. Osae

Poet + Songwriter + Screen Writer + Sci Fi & Fantasy Writer = Physicist.

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