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The SRC Budget Statement Is A Disgrace.

Amongst all other very questionable figures, let’s scrutinize one element under the Akwaaba Brunch since it was today: The Venue. I will go straight to the point.

The Venue was budgeted for for GHC 600.00. And the venue used was the Central Cafeteria. Hmm. Let’s do Maths.

According to The Dean of Students’ Office, the standard rate for any venue on the University of Ghana campus is 25GHC/hour for any REGISTERED group and 75GHC/hour for all OUTSIDE GROUPS or UNREGISTERED groups. Did you see that? 25GhC per hour.

The Akwaaba Brunch was scheduled to start from 9am. (It didn’t, it begun somewhere around 11am, but that’s the tale for another day). It ended somewhere around 3pm. So the Brunch took approximately 6 hours. 6 hours? 6 hours.

Kiindly assuming the SRC was given no special benefits for using the CC, no special profits were given, and they budgeted for 6 hours (for a Brunch), the amount to be payed by the SRC should be exactly GHC150.00 according to the Dean’s Office, the “Senior House Master”. So where exactly from the GHC600.00 stipulated in the Budget Statement for Venue for the Akwaaba Brunch? GHC600? Out of GHC150?

Lets even assume for the fictionous reason the SRC is an unregistered group on UG Campus. Hmm. What they will pay will be a total amount of GHC450 for the Venue for the Brunch. But how? They budgeted for GHC600.00 for Venue.

That is a 400% increase on GHC150.00. The only way the SRC would have used GHC600.00 was if the Akwaaba Brunch lasted 24 hours straight, which it didn’t.

This figure is false.

The budget for the venue for the Akwaaba Brunch is unreasonably inflated, ungraciously accepted and highly corrupted.

If these facts are true, then I have proof on how corruption starts in Ghana. Every plant has a seed.

The proposed budget is a disgrace and disappointment: not only to the UG SRC, but to the face of the entire UG Student Community.


Some things are just not done. Some things are just not done.

Any appropriate response and or explanation is appreciated.

For God and UG,

Daniel D.K Amewor

#ScrutinizingTheBudgetStatement #OneByOne




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  1. Queenstar says:

    The Post is ok but a budget is only an estimate it does not mean that is what they actually spent ..most of the items have been overestimated and does what the writer should have emphatically stated and not hastily conclude that the budget is a fraud unless this is the final expenditure the Src has presented for the program

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