Spider webs are one of the greatest and most beautiful creations and to a large extent habitats for it’s creator.

Many have observed the spider build its web and there even is a school of thought that believes the spider web inspires what we know today as storey buildings.

But what does the web mean to the spider? For what reason is the web made made and what other purposes does it serve. Many if us do admire the beauty of the spider web and its strength is indisputable considering the kind of preys that fall victim. Many of of us also know that the spider takes about 1.4 hours to construct its web but what millions of people do not know is that the spider bigins repairs to its web within 5 minutes of completion of the web. And yet, although the spider lives close to its web it infact doesn’t reside there.

This animal spends a great deal of time constructing a series of strings to attract its food and takes a different deal of time to reshape and correct hitches to the strings within minutes of building it. But what do we experience among humans in our time, a spices believed to be at least four times plus cognitive lobe more intelligent than spiders.

What differentiates the spider from the average human? The spider will carefully assess the environs it choses for its web and with satisfaction, begin its construction. And it continues unabated and with that i mean without break until it is done.

The average human will have an idea and and perhaps sit down waiting for the ‘government’ to intervene or provide them with the opportunity to put that idea to practice. The spider spider identifies mistakes it has committed in its construction and begins to correct in minutes.

The average human will rejoice with a meager accomplishment and parade it for the world to admire, if a concerned fellow attempts pointing out an err in the work, he or she ends up with names like: enemy of progress, ‘against’, and assertions such as mind your own business. Of course the Bible urges us to remove the log in our eyes before seeing the peck in your neighbours eyes. I however haven’t come across any verse that prohibits any correction to simple mistakes of fellows.

And lastly, spider lives and dwells around its web and after the web traps a prey, the spider quickly removes the victim and either consumes it or saves it but never leaves it in the web. It rather removes it and repairs the part that caught the bug.

But how does the average human handles success? Parading their victory forgetting that maintenance of success it more difficult than it’s accomplishment.

When finally the achievements come crushing down, they see the fault in some other fellow, perhaps someone who tried critiquing a mistake.

To the average humans I say, when next you have an idea, remember the spider, remember that it doesn’t sit to admire its ideas but rather begins hardwork through and through till completion.

And when next you think of creating a fair with your accomplished work, remember the spider. Remember that the spider takes time to evaluate its work and corrects all hitches to it before leaving it to duty. And learn to accept mistakes instead of misinterpreting one verse in the Bible.

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