As the first son of three boys, having grown up in a village precisely Ghana’s Ashanti region where I learnt real traditions of mother Africa; it has always been my responsibility to help others do the right thing.

I recall in the year 2013 as a first year student of UDS, I faced a lot of hardships and that has motivated me to help the 2015/2016 academic year freshmen and women from encountering similar hardships. My painful experiences also motivated the need for writing the article “my halfway journey through the university”. After sharing my experiences through the journey, I then decided to write them a letter to welcome them to the pride of the north and to inform them of what goes on in this institution. That was just the tip of the iceberg, because I hope you enjoyed the story “Welcome to the only university that develops Ghana” which I wrote to inspire all students to be proud of being part of an institution with matchless qualities.

Today, as we are nearing yet another students’ election period, I encourage you all not to give up hope, vote when its time since it’s your right as a citizen of this university. Isn’t it exciting to see your favorite candidate win an election? The beaming smile on his face as he walks towards the podium for handing over notes is always unforgettable. Caleb, my colleague presenter at ultimate FM would say “if you are a politician and you can’t convince a lady to fall in love with you, how then can you convince voters to cast their ballots for you? These words always force me to put on a straight face when most of the people we voted for do the opposite of what and why they were voted for. That is the reason why most aspirants put away their real self and motive and then put on a camouflage self just to gain favor from poor voters.

Anyway am not flabbergasted about the strategies of our hopefuls since I agree with Machiavelli “one should not think of morality in leadership contest but the winning should always be the motivation. If you dare to think of morality, you’ll always remain in opposition and be praying for supreme force to make you a leader which is virtually impossible”. Moreover, we are all aware that UDS being the highest academic environment in northern Ghana has produced mediocrities in recent times as student leaders. The high level of financial indiscipline, autocratic tendencies – taking decisions without recourse of student interest and not forgetting the lack of probity and accountability and amongst others are the hallmark of student leaders in UDS.
Considering the teaming number of students population in relation to the amount of dues paid, students leaders have enough funds to work with yet what have we been seeing over the years? We cannot even boast of a magazine which helps to give recognition to the school. We don’t need a fetish priest to tell us our student leadership has been a mockery.

However, let us not discourage the current administration but hope that they change the status quo since they are doing their best. As the saying goes not all fingers are the same; though some people may have failed us, but that doesn’t mean they are all going to fail us.
Come to think of it, can we just blame the student leaders alone? The Former UN General Secretary, Dr. Kofi Annan once said” if there is a problem; you are either part of the problem or part of the solution”. We as students have also failed totally. We have the power to make or unmake UDS and we have done virtually nothing for UDS. Where there is life, there is hope. It is never too late to be an agent of change for the change one wants. Let us be the solution to our mother UDS’s problems by taking part in a more tolerant electioneering campaign, voting on realistic and achievable policies; instead of tribalism, nepotism, favoritism, sentimentalism, religiousness and sectarianism as in the case of past elections.
Let us all eliminate the political principle of self-enrichment to the prioritization of student welfare. I would take this opportunity to plead to the management of the campus radio to use the morning show for a day presidential debate for the aspirant. He who wish to lead must subject themselves to probing questions by the people, to ensure that they understand the concerns and have the capacity to address them. Thank you ultimate radio management, I hope we will meet your kind consideration since you have always been the mouthpiece of UDS.

In conclusion, we students elect our own leaders and the people we elect can either make or break UDS. Let us draw a lesson from this and be actively involved in the next and future SRC general elections by exercising our franchise electing credible candidates to address the leadership problem of the SRC accordingly.

Written by ;
Domfeh Emmanuel (SIR NOBLE)

Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

Posted by Domfeh Emmanuel( sir noble)

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