The December Gift


What were you given on December 31 2013? Do you remember that powerful ‘last night’ you attended? Yes it was powerful. You were told to dream big as you crossed over to 2014. Surely you did. So, you’ve got dreams. Perfect dreams of course. A whole year spent planning a dream or dreaming a plan? Who cares? The world doesn’t need your dreams. To the best of my knowledge, no institution on earth confers degrees on best dreamers.

It’s never bad to dream though, because I know you see lots of juicy fruits in those dreams. But do you attempt claiming any?

My gift to you this December is to remind you to start starting in 2015.

This is not a drama rehearsal. This is life. The real deal. The main event. And there is no time for rehearsal. Every day, you are participating, or not. So why hold back when you actually qualify to participate and win in this event?   You only have so much time, spend it where it counts — on doing, not thinking about doing. Not dreaming but starting and moving on with determination.

Dreaming is waiting. Don’t make it perfect before you start it. Start it and it will teach you to make it perfect.

You have envisioned it in 2014. When it finally happens in 2015, it will take a different turn and you must follow through.

Choosing to start is scary.  All decisions are, actually.

The word “decide” shares the same Latin root with incise, meaning “to cut.” Which is appropriate, because deciding is the art of cutting off all other possibilities.

If you are going to start, you will need to decide. Don’t settle for fear. You’ve got passion for something. Go for it now! Remember; 2015 is your main competitor and you must conquer him and move up the ladder with pride.

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    Just excellent. Wise words

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