Team Mastermind Sweeps away 7,000 cash in the Vodafone pitch it competition.


On Thursday, 05 May 2016, a team of motivated students of the University of Ghana won a whooping amount of 7,000 Ghana Cedis in cash from Vodafone to implement their business idea. The team beat five other teams in the competition to emerge victorious. They are expected to implement their idea on solid waste management using the R3 strategy.
Mastermind intends to provide waste collection bins to students in their various rooms and use motivation to get students to separate solid waste, which they will collect and sell out to recycling companies. This they believe will save Ghana a lot in terms of sanitation challenges as they made references to the contributing effects of poor wastes disposal to the June 3 disaster in Ghana. Other benefits to them include an incubator system and a free working space at the University of Ghana Business School.

Green Campus (1)
In the second position was Team Green Campus. Green campus surprised the audience by coming along with their products which they made use of whiles the pitch was ongoing. Similar to mastermind, they deal in the sale and distribution of waste collection bins across the country. They also want to use waste management to solve Ghana’s sanitary challenges. They walked away with 2,000 Ghana Cedis as their prize.
AchiversA simple but remarkable presentation won the third place. It came from Team Achievers. Achievers claim to be the stew masters on campus and hope to serve their customers with the best of “home choo” as they put it. They walked away with a thousand Ghana Cedis to start their business.
Team Infusion came 4th with a social enterprise model that aims at creating value exchange between borrowers and lenders.
Team Blue print proposed a student centred financial service called Blue wallet to make financial transactions easy using mobile phone. They came 5th.

At the bottom of the table was Team Mosaic. Mosaic wants to create a virtual link between businesses and consumers to promote convenience. Their ecommerce platform will allow purchases whiles they make deliveries to buyers at their convenience.
Three other teams were disqualified from pitching and they are: Vine Natural drinks, Dustin Events and Manafisa
Audience (1)PITCH IT is a business idea competition that is organized by the Business school JCR in collaboration with Vodafone Ghana as part of the management week celebration of the Business School JCR. This year’s competition was launched a few weeks ago and several teams turned in their nomination forms. Shortlisted teams were made to go through a V-Cash challenge where they were required to register clients onto the Vodafone cash service to accumulate points in the process. Mastermind took advantage of this and pushed themselves ahead of all other teams by registering the largest number of clients. Out of nine shortlisted teams, three were disqualified due to insignificant numbers of clients registered during the challenge.
It is worth noting that the rankings won by teams in the V-Cash challenge was directly linked to the pitch day ranking as each of the six teams maintained their previous positions after pitching their ideas. This, the judges explained that 60% of the points were allocated during the challenge and 40% reserved for the pitch.
Speaking to the audience after the program, the head of Vodafone cash said they were grateful that the teams took the challenge upon themselves to participate in the pitch. She wished them well in their entrepreneurial pursuits and promised to get back to her team to work on the challenges and recommendations given by the various teams.
Congratulations to mastermind! We hope to see their project bringing some remedy to sanitary challenges to the University of Ghana campus and beyond.

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