Student Leader Threatens to Lead Students to Defecate in VC’s Office


Babu Owino, the student leader of University of Nairobi, on Monday, reacted angrily to news that a student called John Lucas from another Kenyan University, Kenya College of Accountancy (KCA), had been suspended just because he, John Lucas, met with Babu, the student leader, at a public mall several kilometers away from the institution.

The suspended student, John Lucas, was suspended from the university by KCA Vice Chancellor, Prof. Noah Midamba, for meeting Babu at a Mall in what the VC claims are attempts by Babu to run his university down.

Babu and KCA’s VC are not the best of friends because Babu wants the VC to stop “treating university students under his care as maggots”.

The VC, on the other hand, claims Babu is a threat to his managerial power.

Part of the suspension letter reads, ”Babu Owino is a well known enemy of the KCA administration. Last year, he threatened to burn my car after I suspended a student who urinated in my office”.

But reacting to the letter, Babu Owino denounced the reason for suspending the innocent student as ‘cheap, frivolous and incomprehensible’, warning the Vice Chancellor that he risks inviting other students to his office for ‘open defecation’.

“Every right minded comrade is utterly shocked by what Professor Midamba has done. I can only say the professor is being haunted by his late grandmother. I’ll take him to court for this devilish act, watch me,” warned Owino.

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