VIDEO: Student Deliberately Shows Panty at Legon Hall Week Fashion Show


I can’t say if this is part of fashion shows or just a crave for attention but i particularly find this very appalling. This girl, after gracefully showcasing a beautiful garment at Legon Hall week’s Fashion show last week, decided to spoil her performance by deliberately raising her skirt to reveal a skimpy pink panty she was wearing underneath.

The guys around got very excited from the video I have seen of the event. Quite energetically i must admit. I got a bit excited myself watching the video. That is natural from watching the nudity of the opposite sex, and I wouldn’t mind seeing more.

But that aside, life isn’t just about sexual excitement if i can call it that. It’s a fashion show; meant to showcase the creativity of the fashion designers, and the beauty of the clothes and the models.

Clearly, morally, she went outta line, and i think professionally too. In the recent past, celebrities have been chastised for even displaying their fannies on stage by mistake (Raquel being my best example). I can’t help but wonder why a university student would want to deliberately show her thing to a large crowd, on stage. I think she ought to be ashamed of herself.

Watch video below


Posted by Hassan

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