Streamline Actions and Inactions Before, during and after disasters

For the past two years, many lives and properties have been lost through fire outbreaks. We always talk about this during the heat of the disaster but in few days it becomes a dead news. We are very good at broadcasting the news, sharing pictures of victims and properties but efforts to curb it have not been adequately looked at.

I think the Ghana National Fire Service has a lot to do in combating fire disaster in Ghana.

The Fire service, aside combating fire should also have an insight responsibility to educating the general public on ways of preventing outbreaks because a recent survey I conducted has proven that most of the causes of recent fire outbreaks is as a result of our own negligence.
The fire service should not always wait for the disaster to happen before they show efforts to combating them. They should engage the mass media in explaining how to use electrical gadgets and Liquefied petroleum gas cylinders in the homes,schools and restaurants.

They should frequently visit the communities in their jurisdiction and speak to the people on the need to become cautious of this menace which keeps causing lives and properties.

When you visit any fire service office in the various district capitals, you are likely to see most of the officers playing cards, ludo and checkers.

Even in combating fire, much needs to be done by the government because these fire fighters do not have sophisticated fire fighting equipment.
Moreover, the government should enact laws which will prevent people from setting up Gas 🚉 stations in town. I think these gas stations should be in the outskirts of cities and towns.The recent case of gas explosion in LA, Accra which has so far resulted to the death of 11 people should serve as a precaution to the government in strengthing the laws guiding the building of gas service stations.
In 2015,the Ghana Medical Store, which stocks drugs and other pharmaceutical accessories was burnt but no proper investigation was done in the country to identify the cause of the outbreak. The country lost millions of dollars on this alone. I remember this year ,one pastor and his whole family perished through fire at Ashanti Mampong.

The Kumasi central market, Vienna city Accra, Agbogbloshie market and many others experienced an outbreak of fire and many traders lost huge sums of money and properties.

Not forgetting the June 3 disaster which happened last year. Hundreds of innocent souls were lost through this same old disaster.
Should we always watch unconcerned till the incident happens???.

Did you know that many commercial drivers cannot use fire extinguishers though they have it in their cars?

A lot of people have extinguishers in their offices but most of them do not know how to use them.

For us to curb the rate at which fire is destroying lives and properties I suggest the Ghana National Fire Service and the media should join hands to educate people on the preventive measures instead of always waiting for it to happen. Let’s pay much attention to fire outbreak because it is causing more harm to society than deadly diseases.

By Kenneth Gyamerah
Youth Activist,Country Ambassador CELBMD-Africa and National Organizer of the Organization of African Youth.



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