Sadaqa Train, Group Linked with ISIS Recruitment in Ghana, Denies Allegations


Sadaqa Train, the Muslim youth group that has been associated with the recent recruitment of Ghanaian youth into the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), has denied the extremism allegations leveled against it.

The Daily Guide newspaper, in a report about ISIS recruitment in Ghana that shook the country, stated that the individuals who were recruited into ISIS were likely approached through a group, Sadaqa Train, that sometimes discusses extremist ideas among its devout Muslim membership.

The group has however, in a press release, categorically denied the allegations against it, expressing disappointment  in the family of Nazir (the alleged Ghanaian ISIS recruit at the center of the story) and the Ghanaian media, for spreading false allegations against Sadaqa Train without even contacting any of the membership of the group.

Below is the press release from Sadaqa Train.




The executive and the entire membership of Sadaqa Train would like to clear the air regarding the reports making rounds in the mass media that have put the reputation of this innocuous group at stake. We would like to make it categorically clear, that the mission of the group are at complete variance with extremism and terrorism.

The only relationship we had with Nazir was for peaceful purposes, viz. to assist our association in reaching out to poor Muslims in the rural communities. The only discussions we had on our whatsapp group were for preparations towards embarking on our journeys to the hinterlands. We hereby reiterate, that we don’t discuss extremism or terrorism on our group as these are at total variance with our Muslim creed which enjoins peace and peaceful co-existence. We deeply share in the grief and pain of the family of our brother Nazir Nortei Alema as Nazir was briefly part of our WhatsApp group and only joined our last two recent charity trips but never discussed such issues with us. We pray that Allah increase the family in patience and also pray that Allah guides Nazir’s heart and steps back home to his family.


The word “sadaqa” is an Arabic word which means Voluntary Charity. Sadaqa train is an association of Muslim Youth registered as a Non-Governmental Organisation with the Registrar General’s Department and our main aim is to bridge the gap of comfort and knowledge between the cities and rural communities in Ghana. To achieve this noble cause, we have visited 11 communities in the Northern, Central, Eastern, Ashanti and Volta Regions since our inception in August 2013 (Ramadan 1434). Our recent visits were to three Prisons on Wednesday, 1st July 2015 at the sector levels namely; Nsawam Prison, Kumasi Central Prison and Tamale Prison. We undertake four main trips in a year (One every quarter). During each of our charity trips, we provide the indigenes with donations in both cash and kind, share with them some Islamic literature, engage them in lectures relevant to their situation and try to find out how best we can make Islamic knowledge more accessible to them. Our medical team also provides free medical screening for the people.

Praise be to Allah, we now have three main teams handling the ten regions divided into sectors. We have:

The Southern Sector taking care of Greater Accra, Eastern, Western, Central and Southern Volta regions.

The Middle Sector handling Ashanti, Brong Ahafo and Northern Volta regions. And then

The Northern Sector catering for Northern, Upper East and Upper West regions.

The activities for the Southern Sector which doubles as our Headquarters are coordinated in Accra. Those for the Middle Sector are coordinated in Kumasi and then those for the Northern Sector are coordinated in Tamale.

Our main source of funding has been the general public who donate to us both in cash and in kind.


We find it unfortunate, that the mass media has widely circulated untrue reports about the Sadaqa Train without even a cursory inquiry from any of its members. For the avoidance of doubt, we would like to make the following clear:

Sadaqa Train is an innocuous organisation with a peaceful mission of reaching out to Muslims in the hinterland for purposes of sharing knowledge and charity. We encourage the media to conduct independent investigations in the communities we have visited.

Our whatsapp group has never discussed extremist ideas nor have we even remotely entertained any ideas of terrorist activities. This can also be easily verified by the media.

Nobody from Nazir Nortei Alema’s family contacted the leader or any member of the Sadaqa Train.

The Sadaqa Train’s whatsapp group was created on 3rd August, 2013 and has remained active ever since. For the avoidance of doubt, we would like to reiterate that our group has never been disconnected. Our discussions are open to the public and are devoid of any extremist or terrorist sentiments.

For the foregoing reasons, we would like to register our distaste and displeasure at the false news making rounds about us as they are likely to have serious repercussions on our members, our benefactors, and our beneficiaries. Notwithstanding our displeasure, we hope to work with the mass media, to find an amicable solution to this problem. We shall take all necessary steps to redeem our image and reputation, which hitherto had remained unscathed. We end in the name of Allah with the universal Islamic salutations of peace.

Sherrif Shaban
024 413 1272

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