RE:Four UG Students Fined 1,000 Cedis Each


Contrary to an earlier report published on that four students of the University of Ghana had been fined 1000 cedis for pasting notices at unauthorized places, University management had as at 5pm Tuesday September 22, not officially sanctioned any student of the institution in relation to the offence.


Prior to publication of the story titled “Four UG students sanctioned 1000 cedis, had picked information from sources that some students had been fined the said amount. Further interactions with the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr.James Adomako on Friday, September 18, revealed the institution was considering sanctioning some students in line with the Laws of the institution.

The SRC Intelligence Committee in a letter dated September 16 had invited some students to meet the Dean of Student Affairs on for an important information on . then contacted the SRC Secretary Felicia Elizabeth Adjei on Friday September 18 for confirmation of the information picked as well as other details such as the number of students served with the letter,the number who were present at the said meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs, as well as clarification on whether some had been sanctioned or exonerated.

The Secretary directed that our reporter speaks to the Head of the Intelligence Committee Daniel Obeng. Below are unedited excerpts of the interaction the reporter had with the chair of the Intelligence Committee;

Reporter: Hi Sir, hope you good. This is Joseph, Univers,I need some info.the Letter you wrote to the aspirants,how many people did you serve the letter,names please and how many appeared before the Dean,how many exonerated and how many fined

Intelligence Chair:It’s not proper to discuss matters like this on whatsapp. Dean knows what’s next option to take to those who are going round with they think they can say. By the time they realize they would have regretted.

Reporter:just taking advantage of technology,working on something now,not possible to organize a meeting,it’s cool if you don’t want answer questions,which when answered educates students as well as prospective aspirants, am cool,thanks Barrister.

Intelligence Chair:Thanks Senior.

Reporter: Four prospective UG Aspirants fined 1000 cedis each, check link for details. “link”

Intelligence Chair:(“Smiley” ) I don’t intend to rebut for now

Reporter: rebut what?That’s why i sought for clarification from you while working on it, if any official info is released, we will report so accordingly. This is what I have painstakingly gathered.

Intelligence Head: (No response)


1.The SRC Intelligence Committee wrote a letter to some students inviting them to meet the Dean for an important information
2.The students met the Dean of Student Affairs where they were informed of their offence as well as possible sanctions
3.University and for that matter the office of the Dean of Student Affairs was yet to sanction any student in relation to the said offence(as at Monday September 22) remains committed to informing students about events on campus as and when they occur.

Joseph Kofi Frimpong Ackah-Blay

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