Publicity Taunt or Stunt?



Kobina Ansah, Chief Scribe, Scribe Communications, Accra.

Anyone seen or heard about the famed Fauster lately? I know you’re wondering,“Which Fauster!?” Of course, Ghana’s foremost Nobel laureate! Forgotten so soon? Such a short memory you have. Our own home-grown astronaut. Yes! It’s been quite a while since he made known to the public his latest feats. Probably, he’s on a tour somewhere around the moon this time.

“Who wants to be famous?” I ask. Oh. Wrong question. Instead, I should go like, “Who doesn’t want to be famous?” Obviously everyone wants to be. We were born and raised that way. We all want some social recognition and pedigree. At least, we want to get some freebies at the mere mention of our names. Haha. But… the multi-million dollar question is… how far would you go to become famous? How far is too far? Today, everyone wants to be a celebrity. As to who a celebrity really is in this GH of ours is a question for another day. We have, at least, seen or heard of others going to the very extreme just for fame (or should I say cheap publicity!?) sake. Everyone wants to be celebrated; sometimes even for the wrong reasons. We want to be on TV and on all social media platforms. We want to be talked about. We dream of getting favors because of our status.

You might have your limit as to how far you can go just to be famous. Woefully, others don’t. Riddle. Riddle. What do these have in common? Fauster. Joyce Dzidzor. Bukom Banku and very recently… Ada! Guess. Ok. Let me help you. They all are famous. Haha. That’s not all they share in common though. They teased our emotions to have a stint with fame though others were already famous.

Fauster claimed to have been to space and back as though all you needed to go there was a trotro. Chai! Joyce wasn’t HIV positive after all the media hype and public sympathy. Bukom Banku feigned death and resurrected (I don’t know if it was after 3 days though) like a modern day Christ under the pretense of testing the love his fans had for him. And… the latest kid (I mean adult) on the block, Ada, the radio presenter, who purportedly wasn’t Nigerian after all, staged a well-rehearsed, mind-boggling rape movie! Ada in Twi Paaaart 1 and 2… Chai!

They might argue it wasn’t for fame after all though it did make them famous after all! Besides, at the end of the day, someone’s name gets the mention. It’s no secret some foreign female ‘celebrities’ (I really have my doubts about this supposed name) tend to pre-launch their new products with their nude photos or videos so their name is ‘revived’ just to serve as some sort of wayside publicity.

Some of our young women here have also resorted to doing same; at least, for those who are not as good drama queens and ‘story cookers/chefs’ as errrm… our former HIV ambassador.

Besides, taking off your clothes is far easier than sitting down to concoct well-calculated stories. But hey… this is Africa! This is GH!

My dear ladies who think going topless (or utterly nude) is anything close to being a celebrity, kindly rethink. If doing so could make anyone that easily celebrated, I’m wondering why my community hasn’t celebrated its mad women all this while.

Fame is good. It’s not the best though. It’s only for a season. When I was a child, I wanted to be famous. Now I am old. I don’t want to be anymore. I would rather want to impact; to be a part of the destiny of others!

To those out there who would scale the skies just to be famous, I rather would have you impact. Fame is for boys/girls. Impact is for men/women. Anybody can be famous. It takes somebody, however, to impact!

Cooking up stories (especially when you are not a chef of any sort) or posing nude just to have a stint with fame only gives you away as one ill-confident folk who thrives on others’ attention they are begging for.

Fame comes due to hard work; not ‘lie’ work. Don’t be deceived. Posting nude pictures of yours wherever not a publicity stunt is. Instead, it’s a publicity taunt! You’re taunting your own self.

The shame and disgrace won’t come to me. Would it?

Before you lie or take off your clothes just to come to the limelight, remember… many are mad, but few are roaming…

Raymond Taaku

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