OPINION: Is 24hrs Enough? – “STUDENTS ABR3”


The perception people have about  universities, especially the university of Ghana, is more of having fun, i.e. “chilling” (as some may put it) than suffering. But is this really the case? What about the the stress, strictness of some lecturers and the unending academic hustle that students go through?

A survey was conducted to know if 24hrs was enough for students or whether the time for lecture periods should be reduced. One student from the nursing school who was interviewed had this to say:

“We students are suffering. Especially we in the nursing school and my colleagues in others fields of BSc. I learned that after 2hrs of continuous learning the brain doesn’t really absorb much anymore but sometimes some of our lectures take up to 4hrs without a break. We go for lectures from 7:30 in the morning to 5:30pm and we have to go for “UGRC” for 3hrs. It’s really stressful for us but I don’t know for the others (Ba). I want to take your platform to appeal to the authorities to make a few adjustments for us”.

It’s quit sad because after a hectic day, students have to do some domestic work for themselves, and continue with any “take-home” academic work like research and assignments.

A lot of other students who were also asked to share their views on the issue had similar thoughts. A lot of students are unhappy with the stress they go through to achieve their A’s so this is my plea for mercy from university authorities, especially the University of Ghana: please relax the system for us cuz “STUDENTS ABR3”.

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