New Chief Justice must ensure that the SRC Election Petition ends- Former Chief Justice Anti


Former SRC Chief Justice George Kojo Anti

Former Chief Justice of the SRC Judicial Board, George Kojo Anti has called on the new SRC Chief Justice Nadia Antwi to ensure that a ruling is delivered on the SRC election petition.

Mr. Anti, speaking on Campus Exclusive this morning, explained that the Judicial Board (which he chaired) adjourned hearing sine die (indefinitely) because exams was drawing near.
“we adjourned sine die because exams was drawing near, I have handed over, you have a new Chief Justice, she needs to ensure that the matter sees its final end” he stated.

George Kojo Anti is the immediate past Chief Justice of the SRC and was the presiding Judge in the famous five member panel that heard the petition that sought to challenge the election of Davis Ohene Fobi. The other panel members were Sixtus Don Wullo, Rachel Haizel, Rosemond Atta-Kesson, and Emmanuel Mettle Nunno.

The Petitioners, Worlu Great Damzi and Jeffrey Kwabena Yeboah had accused the developer of the software used to conduct the election, Stephen Ato Forson of manipulating the software to favor Davis Ohene Fobi.

Widespread Election Petitions
Commenting on recent upsurge in election petitions, Mr. Anti blamed political infiltration as the cause of electoral disputes.

“I have heard one time too many, that certain political parties sponsor certain candidates, this creates tension leading to disputes”, he asserted.

Anti Arrogant?

Mr. Anti further disagreed with assertions describing him as arrogant.

“Those people have seen me perform my duty, duty requires extreme tact, one that requires the occupier of the seat to be extremely firm, and that is what I think is misconstrued, I don’t play nice when am working”
The former CJ also indicated that he was not bias during the election petition
“I am fair, it’s a trait, if a cow has four legs and you say it has three, you look like an Idiot to everyone, there is only one truth, that’s what do always”.

Judicial Board Rulings

Mr. Anti believes the rulings by the Bench he chaired were spot on, adding that other legal brains will agree with that

“pick every single Judgement produced by the Judicial Board which I chaired, show it to lawyers and ask them what they think about it, find out from people who know, they will confirm this”

Appeals Board

The former CJ further passed some comments about the Dean of students been the chair of the appeals Board (per constitution)
“it is a committee, the Chairman has limited powers, if the General Assembly feels they prefer the Dean of the law faculty to chair the board, they can amend it. It does have pros and cons though”
“I feel matters of law must be left to people who have had such training”.

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