Nana Aba – “Stolen” Photos Were Just Posted As A Prank


TV3 host and devout Manchester United fan, Nana Aba Anamoah has been trending all week for photos she shared on twitter suggesting that she was in Old Trafford last Saturday to watch the “Red Devils” play Sunderland.

In a chat with Nana Aba, she gave a logical explanation for what appears to be a good joke gone terribly bad.  Nana Aba decided to pull a prank on her over 163, 000 Twitter followers who know her love for the ‘Man United’. On Sunday when Nana Aba was with her friend (name withheld) who was one of the guys that actually went to watch the match at the stadium, Nana Aba decided to prank her followers into believing that she was at the stadium the previous day.

Therefore, Nana took photo from the guy’s phone on events surrounding the match to share on twitter, while they both laughed at the response Nana Aba got from her posts. According to Nana Aba, all was going well and good and eventual she would just announce to fans that they had been punked!

However, friends of Nana Aba’s friend who were with him at the stadium saw their photos on Nana Aba’s twitter and started accusing her of stealing their photos to pass them off as hers.  Note that the pictures Nana Aba shared on her twitter had not been previously posted on social media by any of the guys (therefore it was not possible for Nana Aba to have stolen them from any of the guys).

One of the guys, Yanfo Hackman decided to call out Nana Aba by sharing more photos with his friends from the match, to prove that the pictures Nana Aba shared were not hers. Yanfo’s tweet and photos were re-echoed so many times that it started trending and funny memes were developed to mock Nana Aba. Note, the photo that has been circulating with Nana Aba imposed on it was never from her, thus she never photoshopped anything; it was one of the memes that emerged online.

nana aba meme

Nana Aba’s friend has confirmed her story to me, explaining his friends didn’t know he had given Nana Aba the pictures.

“They said they wouldn’t have attacked her if they knew I had sent her the photos. They attacked because on the face of it, it appeared as though someone who was unknown to us had somehow gotten hold of our photos and was maliciously passing them off as hers. But after I explained things to them they’ve been apologetic and concerned about the implications on her professional life. Nana Aba has spoken to my friend Yanfo and apologised to him and he in turn apologised to her for any undue distress caused by the issue.”

So there you have it..a joke gone bad!



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