NADMO FLOODS: What Are You Doing About It?


From available research, the Accra floods began since at the latest, around 21 years ago, in 1995. Each year since then, when the rainy season arrives, we experience these same floods and nothing seems to be done about it. If some one were to bet on the floods occurring again, I’m very definite the person will win. This is not a prophecy but a safe claim to make just because everyone, including you and I, has refused to do something about it.

It is clear the leaders are not doing anything to ACTUALLY prevent the floods from happening again. But should that be the end? Should we wait till it happens again so we blame them? We can do something about it. If the leaders are not doing what should be done, we can do something about it.

20 years! If we began doing something ourselves since 1995, I believe the now historic “June 3rd Twins” would not have been born.

20 years!  In that time we could have built a bridge, contributed some money, done something to forestall the flooding from occurring. But no, nothing has happened. We rant on social media but actually do nothing tangible to prevent what we talk about. Nothing happens.  It’s high time we did something about it ourselves.

The problem is we are waiting for someone, the government often, to do something. That is the general problem of Ghanaians.  But if we all stood up to do something in our individual ways, we would have achieved something by now. 20 years is a long time to do nothing. Those who have experienced 20 years in their lives can testify how long that is. People have finished kindergarten, basic school, junior high, senior high, and even tertiary. Some of them are even working! If someone had decided to do something other than talking on social media and relying blindly on the government, by the time one has completed tertiary, Ghana would have been free from flood problems. Instead, we have sat down and relied on the government while doing nothing ourselves. We need to do something about it and stop the talking. We’ve been talking for 20 years and nothing has been achieved.

And now to the government, instead of pumping money to ACTUALLY prevent the floods, you are seen pumping millions to help the flood victims IN CASE it should happen. Fact? You are expecting it to happen, so you’ll just prepare for it. A wrong move, and definitely not the best. If all those moneys had been pumped into preventing the floods, there will be no need to help “victims of the flood”. We live in a better society than what you portray. Solve the problems, and let’s stop going around the bush.

I have seen last year’s floods, and I have seen this year’s. If nothing is done, I’m very sure I’ll see next year’s, next 2 years’ and even next 20 years’ when another Ghanaian will rise up and say “if we had begun doing something ourselves since the Twin Disasters, we would not have had to experience this flood today”. It is not a prophecy; these are just facts. If we fail to do something, the same stories and headlines will be repeated every year. Some print houses will even have to think of new “catchy phrases” since all they have will have been exhausted.

If we want the “Better Ghana”, we have to help build it ourselves; not blindly rely on the leaders. Until the leaders of similar vision of the people arises, until the leaders who will ACTUALLY prevent the floods come into place, we will keep experiencing them UNLESS we do something instead of just talking about it. If we are not doing something, we really have no right say anything. If next year the floods happen again, we don’t have the right to say anything if we ourselves have not started anything to prevent them. In as much as it is the responsibility of the government, we also have a part to play. We all help to make the country better, not only the government.

It is not just about talks, it’s about doing something. Besides, the more we talk on social media, the more the “owners” of the media make their money. These are people who have done something. You too, do something!

Until the day the floods stop, I just know we will keep singing these at every funeral of flood victims we go because we have failed to do something ourselves, too. God bless our homeland, Ghana. And make our nation Great and Strong.

Daniel Amewor

Daniel D.K Amewor

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