My Expectations For General Assembly Meeting Tonight


I must admit I do not have a lot of expectations of the Davies Ohene Fobi led administration. Neither do I expect too much from tonight’s G.A meeting- ably steered by our ‘brand new’ speaker the Rt. Hon. Nana Kwame Baah!


From all indications, the first G.A meeting held on September 4, 2015, conditioned me not to.

I must say however, I was impressed at the turn out for the meeting the last time. The members were unusually punctual and when one thought fate will reward this newly found zeal and love for the “service of students”, ECG was at its best! The meeting dragged for well over 2 hours because of the power cut. One couldn’t blame the administration too much for lack of foresight. I mean we had enjoyed power for close to a fortnight and an alternative source of power definitely fell on their blind sight. Pardonable!

The president came in as the night drew nearer to appeal to all members to have some patience as his abled lieutenant was working feverishly to secure a gen set. True to his word, the Vice President, a fine diligent gentleman and his team, did all they could to get a gen set for the interim. That saved the meeting from delaying further into 3 hours. That notwithstanding, many wondered why the gen set was only making noise as a rechargeable lamp was all that was in use.


All these went on while a gargantuan G&J power plant was staring us all in the face!


The overwhelming attendance raises suspicion of our honourable leaders. Were they there to craft a vision or push an agenda in the interest of the teeming student masses, or they were there to push their own agenda? Perhaps this evening’s meeting will answer me adequately.


By the way, this weekend is pregnant of fun packed events as Ghana’s award winning rapper Sarkodie will grace Fresher Affair – Jubliee Hall’s Week Celebration this evening. The much patronized comic play “This Family is Not For Sale” to be staged at the Efua Sutherland Drama Studio also promises to sweep students from their rooms and I dare say prayer joints! On any given weekend, one can count events enticing enough to deflect the attention and redirect the fantasies of even the most political from a General Assembly meeting. Certainly, this weekend ranks first place among such weekends.

There is no denial the head of intelligence committee Daniel Obeng could have done better advising the leadership of a possible collision of interests.

But well, who says General Assembly meetings are for all students to attend? Especially when key among the agenda is the approval of GHS15,000.00 for Mr. president and his 3 other executives.


Glancing through the agenda, I find that State of the SRC address comes right after the correction of minutes. That is a good one. At least you wouldn’t keep newsmen hungry for so long. That said, I hope the Speaker is able to skillfully handle the G.A members so the unnecessary hue and cry over typographical errors that hold G. Meetings to ransom will be curbed.


On his second day as Speaker, I wish him all the best and hope certain basic procedural blunders will not be repeated!

I pray the meeting will proceed with alacrity so G.A Members will not be overtaken by fatigue but will have enough concentration to tackle the items one after the other for a truly effective budget.

I am not particularly worried about the GHS15,000.00 allowance for the president and his 3 other executives. I know they will prove worthy of it. But since they run their campaign on the trump card that they are in to serve students, I don’t think the ordinary student should bare the entire cost of their servant leadership to us.


Now this is what I expect of his excellency the president


If there was any moment my respect for Joshua Dogbe, our former SRC president shored up, it certainly was when he, on the floor of G. A, passionately argued for revisiting the establishment of the SRC Hostel Complex. We are told, the University charged students some substantial amount of money to finance the project. This fund raising process however stalled without recourse to accountability whatsoever.


It is out of this fund, that the much respected Edmond Kombat purchased 2 SRC buses for students. He believes this is not misappropriation of funds meant for SRC Hostel Complex but a prudent use of students’ funds for a pressing need- transportation. This same fund is said to have given vivre to Mr. Edem Eric Agbana former SRC president who utilized part of the fund to purchase a Toyota Hiace Van for the SRC.


According to Mr. Dogbe, the vision was first nursed by student leaders of the University of Ghana way back. He however noted with grave concerned that petty bickering and political affiliations has made UG SRC a laughing stock as other SRC like UCC and KNUST stole our vision as it were, made it theirs without giving us credit and today, these institutions have SRC Hostel complexes of their own managed by the student leaders themselves.

He set out to continue this vision. In fact on the floor of G.A he made poignant arguments that even if the SRC was able to secure a parcel of land for the project followed by a sod cutting ceremony that will be enough for successive administrations to build on.


Again, he vehemently pushed for proper documentation of the dealings of the SRC. This accounts for the ‘mirror chop box’ we see in front of the Union Building that costs students an arm and a leg. Over GhS10,000 is said to have been blown on it. “The mirror chopbox” is expected to be a secretariat where documents will be preserved for continuity and longevity.


That done, he hesitantly with little planning as the SRC and leading members of G.A will have us believe charted a course for the purchase of power plants. I must admit, the whole process was fraught with uncertainties for both observers and policy makers. Information on servicing the plant, the unit cost of the plants, among others was scant.

But here we are with ungenerating generators like Ebenezer Azamati my good friend calls it.

The SRC PRO Mr. Godfred Nathaniel Amoako made categorical statements that no student will pay a dime for the servicing of the plants. However, a good number of students are already paying for the servicing of the plants. I look forward to a clear policy statement from Mr. President on the way forward.


Truth be told, a lot of attention is drawn to the election process much more than the vision that is carried by the incumbent. I look forward to hearing bold statements on the future of the SRC under the incumbent administration both internally and externally.

I should love to hear from Mr. President on the SRC Hostel Complex- a move started by Mr. Dogbe.

Above all, I pray wisdom for the leadership for the task ahead, for uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. After Ojuelegba, we shall meet.

Caleb Kudah

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