“ “Well, the first step is telling the truth,” said rich dad.
“We haven’t been lying.” I said.
“I did not say you were lying. I said to tell the truth,” rich dad came back.
“The truth about what?” I asked.
“How you’re feeling,” rich dad said. “You don’t have to say it to anyone else. Just yourself.”
“You mean the people in this park, the people who work for you, Mrs. Martin, they don’t do that?” I asked.
“I doubt it,” said rich dad. “Instead, they feel the fear of not having money. Instead of confronting the fear, they react instead of think. They react emotionally instead of using their heads,” rich dad said, tapping us on our heads. “‘Then, they get a few bucks in their hands, and again the emotion of joy and desire and greed take over, and again they react, instead of think.”
“So their emotions do their thinking,” Mike said.
“That’s correct,” said rich dad. “Instead of telling the truth about how they feel, they react to their feeling, fail to think. They feel the fear, they go to work, hoping that money will soothe the fear, but it doesn’t… ” ”

Culled from Robert T. Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad (P.33).

Many at times, we are faced with numerous circumstances that require careful and diverse thinking analysis. We are faced with situations which we can and must only resolve by thinking: clear good thinking analysis – called ‘Reasoning’. Most of these situations are a cause of bad decisions we made earlier, which could have being prevented – If only we thought!

Instead of thinking when we are faced with [desperate] situations, we react at first hand. We move with the situation without thinking. We let our feelings and emotions guide our decisions. We let our feelings do the thinking for us. No! Your head is for thinking, not your feelings/emotions.

Reacting to circumstances in the hitch of the hour, at the nick of time, in desperate situations without thinking culminate to feelings thinking for you. Letting prospective pleasures or advantages overshadow your critical analytical skills of reasoning in decision-making graduates to emotions thinking for you. Emotions should not think for you, you should think for them, and direct them. Moving with the flow and letting your senses, instead of your brains guide you is what is called movement by feelings and sensory perceptions – letting your feelings guide and think for you. This should not be so!

Feelings are temporal, the decisions you make aren’t. Moving with your feelings only predicate a person is short-sighted/short-visioned. You are going to continue living after the feelings are gone. You don’t let your feelings do your thinking for you. Breath in-and-out, relax. Think with your head, not temporal feelings. The decisions you make are permanent!

When you are faced with situations, whether diverse, emergency, critical or analytical, your first step is not to react, but to think! Think before you act. Most things that happen to you are not because they happened by chance, but because of your reactions towards previous situations. Your reactions speaks louder than the situations around you – and these reactions should be stemmed in Thinking, which is by a clear head! Think with your Head!

The scenario from Rich Dad Poor Dad explains it clearly. The Rich Dad explains to Mike and Robert how a lot of people are poor, and will remain poor because of letting feelings think for them – instead of thinking their way out of the problem. They think with their feelings that money will solve their problems – which eventually does not and cannot. Thinking with your feelings only prolong your problems, and eventually does not solve them. Think with your head, no matter the situation, and let your thoughts rise up with ideas and solutions from within you.

Things are not always as they seem. There are background decisions and choices that lead to every situation you find yourself. If you’ll need to understand the problem, you’ll need to think. If you need to and want to get out of them, you’ll need to think – with your head. You’ll need to put your brains to work – not scavenging at every situation ‘unarmed’.

There is always a logical, reasonable and best means to solve any problem – and it doesn’t come by reactions without thinking. When your feelings think for you, it results in disaster and chaos. When your emotions think for you, it results in more negative responses and situations. No matter the circumstance, there is always a thinking procedure to solve the matter – not acting with your feelings. Your feelings are not you. Your feelings are not your Head. Think with your Head – that is what it is meant for – solving problems and devising solutions.

Anytime you are faced with any situation, whether you think it is greater or less than you can handle: relax, enjoy yourself and think. Do not react towards it as a first glance without thinking through. Are your actions the best? Will the decision affect others? Will that choice solve the problem and not cause more harm in the long run? These and many other such questions should you be asking yourself. When you react, think wisely. Think through your decisions today, the whole week, and evermore!

Have the best of a thought-filled week, and Keep Thinking!


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