Many people are working hard and working a lot to achieve success in a particular field without working smart. The key to success and efficiency is not to just “work hard” but to “work smart”. Work smart? Improve with technology. Advertise. Be a good salesman. Use People.

Yes, Use People.

John C. Maxwell states “People are the most important resources.” Not gold, nor timber; infrastructure nor sites; water nor anything inanimate, but People. People are the most important and valuable resources you can ever come across. People will either make you the success you so desire, or not. It all lies in the hands of people.

When you have an idea, it takes people to implement it and make it a successful idea. Another says “If making the lives of people better is not the central idea of your business, then consider it a failure.” People are so important your fulfillment and actualization lies in the hands of people – whether you know them or not. It all lies in making the necessary impact in the lives of people all around you.

How you treat people is what really matters. Do you listen to them? Advice them? Encourage and Inspire them? Do you make them feel and be good about themselves? Do you impact them? How far you’ll go greatly depends on how you treat and handle people – both around you and far away. If people are the central figures in your mind, you will become a central figure in their minds. If you value people, people will value you. People matter!

No matter how hard you work, as far as you work alone, your impact will be minimal and you become unsuccessful in any endeavor. Success is not individual. You cannot achieve success alone in your pockets. Success is making the lives of People better. If people’s fulfillment is not in your equation of success, you get an inequality. It is either people are fulfilled or nothing. You cannot tend to achieve success on a personal scale. Success is not individual.

As you progress through this week, make sure to handle people with care and integrity. Treat people with respect. Listen to them and let them find safety and trustworthiness in your counsel. Let people feel support from your end and measure their progress for them. Encourage and Inspire them. Be the model they so wish for, and wish to be. Let them like to always be around you. You have that ability, use it!

Make people be like you, and make them develop others to be like them. That is true Leadership. That is Success. People, not you, are what matter!

Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.”. Treat people as you want them treat you. Everybody has a good self-esteem; they just need the right environment. Make them find that environment in you. Success is not, and has never been individual. People are the success! Treat people right!



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