“You can achieve anything, accomplish anything, do anything.. – only if you put your whole mind to it.  ..only if.” – Amewor, 2012.

One of the most-spread lies people tend to believe is the inability to do certain stuffs or perform certain tasks because of handicappness, ignorance or any other excuse found suitable. People tend to believe they are incapable of certain tasks simply because they have not been trained, or have not practiced, or have not than something which qualifies them to that position of perfectly executing a task. That is a lie, and an unhealthy pride.

You can do anything, accomplish anything; anything at all – just think of them – yes, anything; if only you put your whole mind to it. If you decide to focus and concentrate on achieving a purpose, realizing a dream or making a target – if only you decide – then its achievement becomes a possibility. Anything and everything is possible; if only you Believe. If only you discard thoughts of doubts and inconsistency, thoughts of failure and reproach; you’ll realize you can actually and really accomplish and do anything, at all. Nothing is beyond your limits. Your limits are endless. You can accomplish everything, at all.

Nothing is beyond your limits. Your limits are determined by your imaginations: how you think and how far you presume you can go. Nothing can ACTUALLY stop you, if you are determined. You are the only person capable of stopping your own dreams from coming to reality, no one else; same ways you are the one in charge of bringing them into fruition. Your abilities are endless, actually. You can do anything. Like Amewor again said “the limits of your creativity lies in the boarder lines of your imaginations” (2012).  Nothing is beyond your limits. You can do and accomplish anything, at all, if only you set your whole mind, body and soul to it – if only you focus and concentrate on achieving those goals and dreams.

Having divided attention, unbalanced focus or multi-lateral concentrations results in distractions from your goals which leads to failure, temporarily. Being with an undivided attention is a key to success in a particular field – that is why you undergo one course at a time, not unreasonable quintets. The focus you have for a thing determines your availability and success of that said thing. Do not be double or triple minded! Focus and Concentrate on your goals – and you will achieve them sooner than you except. Focus, Concentrate!

In times of seeming impossibilities, the thoughts of failure prevent the brains from thinking fully (into its maximum capacity at the said time) and bringing forth a way out. There is always a way out – Take Note. Always. But since the curtains of failure blinds individuals, they downplay their brains into believing there is none, and flow into failure. No. Don’t be like that. Don’t allow thoughts of failure and incompromises distract you. Keep focused on your goals. Such thoughts only provoke unhealthy anger of non-existent failure and shifts your focus from the goal. Fix your eyes on the price! Don’t be distracted by anything, at all. You have a goals ahead of you – move forward, shift gears, change visions and accelerate. Achieve your visions!

Possibilities arise once you decide to do it – not once you decide to try, but once you decide to it. There is nothing preventing and deceiving you apart from yourself and your thoughts. Don’t live by the senses and the negative information they feed you. Do what you ought to do. Let your imaginations come into existent – don’t be stopped. Achieve what you ought to, and have to.

You think you cannot finish your revision in 1 hour? You think you can’t finish your proposal/thesis in 2 days? Your goal is ‘too big’ for you? You quiver when you speak, but wants to public speak? None of these things should move you. You have a course, and you should follow that course. Move ahead to achieve your goal. You are deceiving and believing yourself into failure that is not real. Shake the negativities and its thoughts out, and move ahead!

No one is responsible for your success, except yourself. You can do, and accomplish anything, at all, if only you focus – if only you put your whole mind to it.

If only…


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