On this week’s version of Message From The Monday Man, I bring you excerpts from various speeches, factual thoughts and quotes that proof that actually, and in Ghana especially, “School” is not, and has been misplaced for “Education”.

These are just to make you know of the facts that a degree in itself will not take you places in this current day; but your activation and commitment to extra-curriculum activities and development of your talents and gifts will make you, and build you to who you actually want to be. Don’t take these things for granted.



  • They lied to us.

They lied to us.

They lied to us.

They made it seem Life was all about Books and Maths. They lied.

They thought us for the purposes of their pockets leaving us with the inevitable danger of failing Life’s exams. They made it seem being good in Math qualified you to be an Accountant and being good in Science automatically made you a future Doctor; killing talents and making up fantacy realities in Dreamlands was all they could do. They left the ‘unpure’ in books to think down themselves into believing they were very good at doing nothing; They lied.

They literally taught the next Usain Bolt into believing he could not run if he could not define ‘Photosynthesis’, and the next Tiger Woods into believing he could not play if he didn’t pass his English tests; They lied. And the next Michael Essien and Asamoah Gyan, you don’t say: I heard they said they had to read Law or Engeenering at the University before they could be successful – They Lied.

They shamelessly prepared us for the Rat Race leaving those with the Ambitions and Brains to figure what was Exactly about, for themselves; They lied to us.

They constantly drummed it into our brains that Education was the Key, but they never really did educate us – it was just school. Suli said it, he said “Education is Key, but School is the Lock.” All they did to us was to emphasize on the importance of Education, but never really taught us what it was: They Lied to us.

They made it seem that School was just as important as Education – They lied, it’s not. It’s not really their fault, but I do blame them: They were the ones Lying, not those who taught them. Even, they were all in the Rat Race. They lied to us.

You don’t need school to be Successful: you need Education.

If there has to be change, it needs to begin from the Genesis. Like another said, you can only see further when you are standing on higher grounds – you can only observe when you are viewing from a different perspective.

Change has come. If Ghana can work Again, then Ghana Must Work Again. – Ghana Will Work Again! #ChangeHasCome


  • School is not Success

January 17, 2016 ~ Daniel D.K Amewor

Even if up to this day/date, you still think school is what is going to make you successful, then I’m very sorry but you need to reconsider.

If after all these talks, these announcements and all these efforts made you’re still thinking school is what is going to make you successful then you really need to change your mind. You need to renew your mind, you have to get your mind updated – it should be archaic. You have to. You need to.

Even in this 21st Century?

School is not what will make you Successful. School will not make you Successful.

If you were still thinking like that, then now you’ve been told more clearly, and in English. School won’t make you a Success.

Think. Read Wide. Engage. Make History. Look for a Problem, Solve it. Activate Change. Make Impact. Be You, the Real One.

..and most of all, *’Forget’ your Books, but don’t Forget Books.



  • Quote

Life is not all about 8A’s [Grades]. Education is for thinking, not 8A’s.





Take advantage of this interacademic break and expand your abilities: move your thoughts and develop yourself – invest in You!

Take advantage and explore!  Don’t be the normal average student/citizen. Do something out of the ordinary – extraordinary; THAT, is what will make you extraordinary! Take advantage of all such opportunities!

Take advantage!




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