On the 25th of June 2016, all roads will be leading to the Environmental Protection Agency Auditorium for the ever awaiting Mentorpreneur Breakfast Conference to get ourselves equipped, developed and to be mentored.

This insightful mentorship program is a training which seeks to bring together accomplished business leaders and owners, key investors, corporate institutions, government agencies, young professionals, as well as graduates from the various tertiary institutions under one roof to address ways of breaking financial barriers. This knowledge sharing platform that will be established will provide the young participants with the requisite training needed to guide them in setting up their own businesses.

The event is being organized under the theme “Promoting Entrepreneurial Culture through Mentorship and Personal Development” it is in partnership with China-Ghana Graduate Association, and Tonaton.

Anyone who embraces this opportunity to be a participant will benefit from;
• Job Opportunities
• Mentor Capacity Training
• Business Setup Assistance
• Career Development
• Entrepreneurship Programs

This event is divided into sessions and each session has a facilitator.
Distinguished personalities who will facilitate the various Sessions include :

1. Mr. Danny E Mawuenyega (CEO of Dakoma Ventures Ltd, Visionary Entrepreneur, Life Coach & Team player with International Trade and Development)

2. Mr Michael Ohene Effah (Co.founder Lead Afrique Int.and Communication Consultant, Author, speaker and Trainer)

3. Patrick Otieku Boadu (Motivational Speaker, Author and finanacial consultant)

4. Shirley Obeng Adu (Head,Operations & Middle Office- Ecobank Capital)

5. Jennifer Antwi Asiedu (Facility Manager of Guiness Ghana Ltd)

6. Mrs Abena Asomaning Antwi ( A Business Advisory Consultant, Author, Social Entrepreneur, Human Right Advocate and founder of Angel Zoe Foundation (NGO)

7. Mrs Janet Asomaning, (HR Manager,

Breakfast and Lunch would be served to all participants.

On Saturday 25th June 2016, come along with your family and friends to abreast yourselves with Entrepreneurial culture in order to build an everlasting fence of financial security for your life.
For Ticket Reservation Call: 0200688521 or 0541851134.

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  1. George. says:

    For many Ghanaians in Diaspora, owning a Business in Ghana is a much desired aspiration. But a few factors including access to supporting financial facilities and lack of truly business-minded staff with integrity hold us back. Experiences of many fellow Diaporans indicate local Ghanaian Officials often seem to deliberately put impediments in the way of Citizens endeavoring to set up Businesses at home. Some believe that because it is easier to get foreign Business entities to succumb to underhanded demands by Officials, the Officials prefer helping the foreigners get access to Business Opportunities in Ghana to Citizen would-be Entrepreneurs. Such are frustrating factors.

    Additionally, the Government seems to show little to no encouragement to Citizens to undertake huge infrastructural projects and big Industrial Firms, like Wastewater Treatment Processing Plants, Agro-processing Industries, Alternative Energy Resource Plants, etc. Our Utilities are largely Public and Government controlled and provided. And our folks are scared away from delving into forming any such businesses. Yet, these are part of the fundamental blocks of any formidable Economy that Ghana cannot afford to keep pushing away to foreigners or foreign assistance perpetually. The bypassing of local Ghanaian Real Estate Developers to reach out to Moroccans and Koreans to build houses with Government finance guarantees, is one example of Citizens suspicion of Government’s commitment to its own Citizens’ entrepreneurial growth.

    I hope a strong Business Resource Center could be created and run by the Government to assist in linking serious would-be Ghanaian investors and Entrepreneurs with varied sources within and outside to build preponderantly Ghanaian-owned Businesses of those kinds. Our Employment situation would be very much improved and young Graduates would have deserving jobs to work in locally for all their toils and investment in Education in Ghana.

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