Michael Asante Adusei, founder of Minafisi Student Marketplace

That the world is ruled by technology, Information and Communication Technology, is not in doubt. And for Michael Asante Adusei, changing the world, making it better through technology is his passion. A student of the University of Ghana set to graduate this November, the 22-year old is the founder of Minafisi Student Marketplace ( ), a website that creates a community of student entrepreneurs thereby providing ease of access and more profitability at no cost.
“I have a passion for solving problems and minafisi is just one of the ways I feel I can help to promote student businesses…the idea behind the platform is to create a community of student entrepreneurs who are easily accessible to peers looking to do business transactions. In essence, we provide space and more visibility,” the techie said.


Recently launched, the website has had a few sign-ups and is set for greater things.. Working with fellow technology enthusiast, Felix Opoku, Michael hopes to make minafisi the most vibrant student marketplace in Ghana and beyond.
“I would like to franchise it so people can use it to create other student communities they feel the need for,” he added.
Minafisi Student Marketplace has been nominated in the ongoing African Entrepreneurship Awards for the Best Projects Category by Sifting in Germany.

Eric Opoku, techie with Minafisi

Eric Opoku, techie with Minafisi

For students who own businesses on campus, Minafisi Student Marketplace place should be the next big thing to happen to them given that it provides easy accessibility, features entire businesses and markets outstanding businesses on social media and the blogosphere.

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