Meet Junior the Stylist- A young,creative Stylist and Fashion Designer


You are welcome to
Thank you for having me
Who is Lakers?
Haha…Lakers kinda my nickname, what most friends know me with
Tell me what you do
Am mostly not direct with this kind of question cus I do a lot of things
OK so let’s explore them one after the other. What are you best known for?
My sense and love for fashion
Fashion seems to be everywhere in Ghana these days. What makes your fashion world unique?
As you said, fashion is everywhere in Ghana these days but we have to ask ourselves whether these movements were initiated by : 1. Passion
2. Whether or not these people have got details to stand for and not that they are in for money
I think fashion movements nowadays are forced out because of money and not necessarily passion driven
What makes mine unique is that I have got details and passion for it and most importantly the creativity aspect of it
How long have you been in this?
It has been part of me for years, with friends calling me fashionista and linking me to other fashion inclined people. Just this very brand and fashion joint started like 8yrs ago
Woow! Can you highlight some of your high points? Your most successful projects
Working as a personal stylist to a UK based clothing line called Dzignapparel ,personal stylist to one of Takoradi’s finest Rappers @cubzgh, personal stylist to one of the evolving record labels called Dope Nation of which I featured in most of their videos and also crafting them for stage performances
Amazing! But You mentioned earlier that some are forced out because of money. Would you say fashion is lucrative to you?
In a way I can say yes and I can say no in the other way round.
I believed it’s about your works-if you’ve got what it takes definitely the demand for your works is going to be on an increase with the inverse staying true because there are a whole lot of fashion movements nowadays
So it is only going be lucrative if you are on the cutting edge.
You are popularly known as Junior The stylist. Do you have a separate brand name for business?
Naaaa. Unless you people want to…. like most of my friends not been able to substitute Lakers for Jnr the stylist…Lol
So how is the future for your fashion world like? Where will you be in the next 10 years
If wishes were horses then I would tell you that I would be ruling world of fashion by then but let’s leave everything to God. I’m just going to keep on working harder, lord knows
Lol ….But you have some goals you would want to push through by then
Sure I got wild goals
U wanna hear some??
Sure, My readers want to hear them all
Lol, cool.
U know, not just about entering the fashion world to follow existing trends but am in to establish new patterns for people to follow. Am just trying to push it and I hope by the next 10 years my creativity might have fetched me that recognition with a lot of people rocking my idea and my brand #Evolts booming on every corner.
Do you hope to have your own clothing line? Or just manage others?
Am going to say this, I’m a fashion designer as well. So clothing line is in the pipeline

When should we expect it?
Recognition and proper timing first bro….I believe the most reason why a lot of clothing lines are not doing so well even though there is strong competition is the lack of recognition and proper timing….people will like to hook up and rock your stuffs when your sphere of influence is that strong eg: is kanye west, people sometimes buy his stuffs just because of his influence in the world of fashion, some people also have the recognition but since their timing is wrong they cant impact many
I’m hoping to make impact with fashion, I can only carry it to another level when the timing is right and recognition has been fetched
So when you are not doing fashion, what else could you be doing?
Managerial duties: I have got an artiste am managing and models am grooming for bigger platforms so even if am not on fashion am still working.IMG-20160519-WA0023

One of the Models Jnr manages

One of the Models Jnr manages

I do like music as well. I started it at a point though
Woooow! Always busy then. What do you do for entertainment apart from music
I do play FIFA with my friends or maybe watch football matches
What teams do you support? Local and international
Accra hearts of oak and Chelsea
It’s been an interesting chat with you
What do you have to say to lovers of your work and you team members
It is my vision, it’s their vision, it’s our vision. Let’s keep pushing it till the point where we don’t have to introduce ourselves
And to all the readers, I will like them to follow Jnr the stylist
@realest_lakers on instagram
@realest_lakers on twitter to support the movement
Thanks for your time with us
Ma pleasure



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