“Manasseh’s Article Was An Embarrassment To Me But”…Prof. Aryeetey


Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana Prof. Ernest Aryeetey has said that he was very embarrassed as Vice Chancellor after reading an article by ace journalist Manasseh Awuni Azure on the undue delay in issuing his certificate.

In an article published on December 15, 2015, the journalist detailed the ordeal he had to endure to successfully complete his one year graduate degree in communications in the university.

“I submitted my final dissertation and had to wait for two years and five months to get my degree…if I was qualified for this certificate in July 2013, why was the University of Ghana giving it to me in August 2015? This is the untold story of many students of the University of Ghana Graduate School. But I will tell mine. For those who care to listen. And act” the vehement writer penned.

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When asked what the university is doing about the situation during a leadership workshop for SRC and JCR executives, Prof. Aryeetey said he was very embarrassed reading the article. While admitting there are inefficiencies in the system, Prof Aryeetey was quick to add that students contribute to the apparent delay.
“The university can take some of the blame but he also has to take some of the blame”.

Read below the response of Prof. Ernest Aryeetey.

I read Mannaseh Azuri’s report. As Vice Chancellor it was very very embarrassing. But I also know that the situation Manasseh describes is not what everybody goes through. So yes, what happened to him, should never have happened. But there are over 90% of people doing M.A programmes and MSc programmes who are able to finish.

After I read Manasseh’s article, I called a meeting of all the various stakeholders, graduate school, the P.A.D technical committee and all of them to a meeting to find out what was going on. It was quite revealing. Apart from the fact that in his case it was one of examiners taking a long time to respond, what he didn’t mention was that when there are comments sent to him, he also took a long time to respond.

So it was reflective of a break down in the way the system should work. We put in place a number of mechanisms to ensure examiners respond to thesis were implemented. A system that rewards lecturers who are able to examine thesis in record time. Dean of Graduate School to reintroduce system.

Today, the average student doing a masters in this university is also working. The 12 months program is a full time programme. It assumes that you will be here full time taking courses for 9 months and then spending 3 months to write the dissertation. There are many people doing masters here who are teaching, working in banks, social welfare and many places so they don’t have time. The lecturer doesn’t have time. The student doesn’t have time. And they both want the degrees.

It’s a problem the quality of the masters program we are doing will continue going down.

In that meeting I learnt for the first time that there are people who are specialized in writing for you thesis and dissertations. So many of the thesis that are being submitted, the students didn’t write them. How should we as a university react to that when you know that the degrees you are giving clearly the students may or may not deserve them. There are problems. I can solve all of them. So I am expecting the leadership of GRASAG to discuss some of these things.

The university can take some of the blame but he also has to take some of the blame. We have to take graduate training a lot more seriously as a university both as students and the faculty.

Most readers shared similar sentiments while a few had strong dissenting views.

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  1. smith says:

    it’s very sad these things should even not be occurring if a university with an aim of becoming a world class research intensive university, the problem isn’t with only the graduate school . it’s very bad with distance education, it’s take a very long time for distance education student to also graduate. authorities must take measures to solve theses issues.

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