Even though the FOCUS story is one that you can best describe, it is one I know is characterized by determination, hard work, loyalty and dedication. It is a story that took inspiration from the will to prove society wrong. This story is one that will continue to be a source of inspiration for a lot of people now and generations to come. It is a success story that had few people believing and associating with it from the beginning.

I congratulate yourself and members of Team ESIDOM for a good job done in this year’s SRC election. The efforts by your team members have helped shape the political nature of the University of Ghana. It is however important that you realize that the real story has just begun and the victory in the elections was just an introductory part of the whole FOCUS story.

Much is expected of you not just because you are the SRC president of the seventh best University in Africa but because your performance will go a long way to shape societal views of entrusting leadership in the hands of females. It is necessary that you prove a point that women can also perform better in leadership positions. I hope you draw inspiration from your victory in the elections to champion the student movement where students will actually be the Focus.

It is very important also that you take note of the appointments you make into your administration. It is indeed true that leaders are relatively safer when their appointees are loyalist and believers in their aspirations and dreams for the particular cause they want to champion. I however plead with you not to allow this particular perception to blind you in your quest for competent members to help you in your administration.

You must take note that the president cannot make up a government but together with his appointees make up the government and it is the little competencies and incompetencies of his appointees that make the leader competent or incompetent. It is necessary also that your appointments reflect the cosmopolitan nature of the University of Ghana. I hope your administration does not become an elevated ethnic group. You might not be one who believes in feminism and its related concepts, but I think it is very necessary that your appointments will be one that will involve lot of ladies in the administration of the council.

It is also essential that you always remind yourself that you are the president of the Student Representative Council of the University of Ghana and not a representative of any political party or caucus group. I hope your actions and in-actions reflect what you stand for and what you are expected to do thus represent the interest of the students. It is equally important that you allocate resources wisely and efficiently.

I know there are hundreds of things you will wish to accomplish before you leave office but because of limited resources, it is very normal you will not be able to accomplish most of the dreams and aspirations you have for the students of the University of Ghana, but I hope that at the end of your tenure as SRC president the council will be in good shape, befitting of a first class University and one we can boast of.

It will be very difficult for me to end this letter without telling you one important problem; I think you should concentrate on solving. Over the years, close to half of the total number of students admitted into the University in a particular year are unable to graduate and usually it is not because of their failure to complete the requirements of the University to be able to graduate but because a lecturer have failed to mark or release their results. I hope you make this problem a priority and put in place measures to ensure that issue is solved.

I believe this will be one of the things that final year students will benefit most from the FOCUS story. I wish you a successful tenure as SRC president of the University of Ghana.


Agyemang Hanson

Posted by Agyemang Hanson

A young debater, writer, journalist and student of the University of Ghana, who believes in the individual potential to effect a positive change for the development of society.

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