Let University Funds Be -UTAG Tells Gov’t


The University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) is not happy about the government’s intention to control university funds. The government according to UTAG wants all internally generated funds(IGF ) of the universities kept in IPPD2.

The. UTAG national president  said the government had written to managers of public universities giving them until the end of March for staff payroll to be migrated unto the Integrated Personnel Payroll Database 2 (IPPD2), and that if staff payrolls were not migrated at the stipulated, public universities were to forfeit their subventions.

He explained that the policy demanded that all funds received by the universities, including research grants from individual institutions and organisations, both local and abroad, to support research had to be paid into the government’s chest.

This implies that government will now control the funds of the universities and disburse them when the universities needs funding for their projects upon application to the government.

This the University Teachers Association of Ghana thinks will not help in the successful running of public universities.

Speaking to Peace fm on the midday news for UTAG the president of the association Dr.Larry L. K. Agbenu cautions the government to stay off the funds and allow the universities to manage their own funds.

On the same platform he expressed their dissatisfaction about the freeze on employment of staff to meet the growing needs of the universities.

Due to the government’s agreement with the IMF the government is to halt employment as part of the loan agreement. UTAG says that this is causing a lot of trouble for the universities and they can’t recruit. Dr. Agbanu added that universities have limited the addition of more programmes since the human resource to run them are short of the numbers required.

He says ” if this continues we have no choice but to stop adding programmes and to cut down  intake and the obvious results are known “.

UTAG has therefore given the government up to the end of March to rescind the decision to manage the university funds.

‘UTAG said their demands, if not acceded to by the end of the given period, would result in members using all means available, including court action, to challenge the government’s policy, which the executives described as inimical to the independence and autonomy of public universities nation-wide”- graphiconline


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