This week’s crime report starts on a light note as a couple of men in Sekondi was arrested for trying to buy human parts from a mortuary – only in the Western region people.

The mortuary attendant on the day was approached by one of the suspects who wanted to buy hair from an albino corpse and water that has been used to bath the bodies. Not as extreme as the story intro purported but creepy nonetheless. I would have thought this man was tying this man was trying to but a scrotum or a pair of boobs. The attendant feigned interest in a transaction and alerted the mortuary supervisor who detained this suspect and handed him over to the Sekondi Police.

I don’t know what exact crime trying to solicit body parts falls under but our suspect did admit to something in his caution statement and he also snitched on the spiritualist that sent him. The suspects, John Kyei Quadoo and Alhassan Abubakar, the spiritualist, have been granted police enquiry bail and put on parole.

Things get a little more upbeat with his next story which features updates from a story from almost a month ago. This particular story was a mix of clergy corner and spare the rod as the man of God in question was detained for assaulting his 15 year old help which subsequently led to a can the worms of sexual abuse opening.43788426.295

The resident pastor of the Fruitful Family Ministries Inc. Tamale branch, Daniel Appiah Antwi, appeared in court this week on charges defiling his 15-year-old maid at Kpalsi, a suburb of the Tamale metropolis. Pastor Antwi being the good Christian he was told the truth and admitted to sexually molesting the girl on several occasions following allegations and he is now looking at a 25 years if found guilty. He is already serving a 60-day jail term with hard labour for physically abuse on this girl. Rape and assault for a female in Ghana, what else is new guys.

The victim is an orphan who lives with her cousin, the pastor’s 78686296.295wife, but to hell with the blood connections as this help suffered various forms of abuse from the couple. Apparently there were some attempts to rescue this girl from this abusive arrangement but Pastor Antwi threatened to vent his spleen on any intrusive individuals. Maybe he quoted 1stThessalonians 4:11 to them.

Some concerned individuals opted not to mind their own business and went on to report the abuse to CHRAJ who in turn involved DOVSU. After investigations, the pastor was arrested for physically assaulting the victim and in the course of the investigations, the sexual abuse was established. He had initially said the allegation of defilement was a plot against him by his enemies but later admitted committing the offence and blamed the devil for it – of course.

The victim is being kept at the Tamale Children’s Home pending the determination of who would take custody of her.

A mother of the year contender steps up as 20-year-old Ayishetu Fuseini, at Garu-Duri in the Upper East Region kills her one-and-a-half-year-old baby. It is alleged this mother took this step in light of stigmatization by family members. Fuseini got pregnant out of wedlock in Kumasi and like clockwork, the man responsible for the pregnancy denied responsibility so she had to go back home to have the baby on her own.

When the child was born, family members started pestering her for the father and went on to hurl insults and harass this poor girl till she was pushed to the edge.
“I became frustrated and did not know how I could support myself and the child as I am unemployed, so I decided to end the life of the baby since the community and family members were not prepared to stay with a child without a father”.

Fuseini one day waits till everyone else in the household leaves and you would think she goes the “Who Killed Nancy” route but no, she instead takes a knife and slits her little girl’s throat. She gets points for being proactive but damn it she didn’t have to kill the poor baby. Fuseini isn’t considered a nutcase so this is just plain cold blooded – craziness. This mother goes for the worst possible option regarding her predicament and there’s nothing remotely sane about her response to the pressure and she cracked with harrowing consequences but the question here is: who killed baby Fuseini?

The violence doesn’t stop guys as a misunderstanding between a young man and a teenager at a wedding at Kapolhine, a suburb of Tamale, took a turn for the bloody when a teenager stabbed someone to death.

Sulemana Haruna, a 20-year-old Class Six pupil (no laughs guys), is said to have stabbed Mohammed Hamidu,13 and a school dropout, in the abdomen with a kitchen knife but Hamidu managed to wrestle the knife away from Sulemana and stab him in the chest killing him.
This happened after Hamidu and his girlfriend had allegedly been attacked by Sulemana on their way home after the wedding. Self-defense may fly here I reckon but Hamidu has since been remanded by police.

Apparently Hamidu and his girlfriend were slaying on the dance floor when Sulemana stepped on their toes resulting in a brief fight – of course a ni99er moment kicked this off. Sulemana of course had plans but his retaliation didn’t go too well as he is now a corpse and the lesson here, for the couple especially, is sometimes we should let things go.

The docket on the case has been forwarded to the Attorney-General’s Office for advice and Hamidu shouldn’t be charged with murder and he is even a minor but a knife to the chest could have been avoided despite the possible self-defense claims but I trust the attorney general to make the right call.

Hopefully at year’s end I will collate some of my favorite spare the rod stories and this next one will be at the top of the list. A 14-year-old boy in Kumasi has suffered severe wounds after his mother allegedly cut him several times with a blade. Now what could have brought on such rancorous actions from this woman? Well he allegedly stole 11 cedis. Reasonable I reckon.

Awura Ama Agyeman, the mother, reportedly tied the boy’s hands and legs with rope, and then started cutting at the poor boy’s hands with the sharp blade. This is straight out of a Takashi Miike flick, jeez! The boy was in miserable pain and he cried out but his excuse for a “mother” wasn’t listening to him or anyone else who tried to intervene. It eventually took the intervention of a policeman passing-by for this craziness to end. The boy, at this point bleeding profusely, was rushed to the hospital whilst the policeman whisked Awura Ama away to the police station for questioning. She should be dumped in dark hole.

Kwabena confessed to stealing the money though so maybe the torture was justified. Think on it guys but note that the confession seemed to have angered his mother who went on to inflict many more blade cuts on her son. People on the scene claimed Awura Ama was fond of beating Kwabena mercilessly anytime the poor boy erred and I don’t doubt that for one minute but she crossed the line when a good old beatings evolved into a full blown torture session. Sometimes just spare the rod guys. I always say this. Let it go let it go let it go!tumblr_niqnb4Hklm1smcbm7o1_500

Crime of the week this one? For sure.

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