Legon GRASAG Prez and Executives face Impeachment


Some members of the University of Ghana branch of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG) are calling for the impeachment of their President, Reginald Arthur and some executive members of the association including the Chairman of Senate.

In a petition dated 16th May, 2015 signed by eight members in good standing and addressed to the chairman of the Judicial Committee of GRASAG and copied to the Dean of Student Affairs, UG, Legon and the Dean, Graduate Studies, UG, Legon; the petitioners explained that the persons so named have breached various aspects of the student association’s constitution and hence demanded that they are removed from office.

“Exculpatory evidence, the facts of the case, the show of support by fellow GRASAG students shows that the GRASAG Executive Council has failed to provide the leadership which is expected from them…,” portions of petition read.

The petition which is also supported by signatures of more than 20 members in good standing further alluded to the failure of the treasurer to present to the student body, a final financial statement to the student body before the end of the term of the executives which according to them is in contravention of article 4 (d) of the GRASAG Constitution.

“The executive council members have failed to render accounts for the GRASAG week celebration in which the President and the Treasurer decided to take upon themselves the title of “chief spending officers” and sidelined a constitutionally mandated body which is the GRASAG WEEK CELEBRATION COMMITTEE as provided in Article 11 (d) of the Constitution.”

The executive members including the Vice President, Secretary, Organizing Secretary, Women’s Commissioner and Treasurer, they claim have also obstructed the work of auditors appointed by Senate which is the highest decision making body of the Association by failing to appear before it.

“Considering the limited time left for the academic calendar to end, it will be impossible for the Auditors to perform a good job and present the report to Senate at least two (2) weeks prior to the handing over as provided in Article 7(d) of the GRASAG Constitution…,”

These and several reasons in the petition published below, the eight GRASSAG members said should be enough grounds to dismiss the executive and the chairman of the senate from office.

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A Story by: Benjamin Taylor (0249637091, 0201360128)


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