Information circulating on various media suggests there was an ‘official’ NUGS elections and handing over yesterday (Friday, 7th October) at Ideal College in Accra.

This is false, illegal and unreal according to various Executives of the Union including the Chairman of the Local Organizing Committee of the 50th NUGS Congress, Mr. Mikdad Mohammed.

Speaking to, Mr. Mikdad clarified the final decision of the National Executive Council and Judicial Committee of NUGS to have the venue of the Congress to be the St. Francis College of Education in Hohoe, the Volta Region and not in Accra. As he speaks, the congress is going on smoothly in Hohoe with the finalizing of the election preparations planned for today, Saturday 8th October.

He also confirmed the presence of the NUGS President, Mr. Paa-Quecy Adu and all other Executives of the Union at Hohoe following the due proceedings of the Union, except the General Secretary who was speculated to have conducted, ordained and swear-in the “new executives” in Accra. This, he imported, illegal and unconstitutional.

He also confirmed the presence of the Vetting Committee, the NUGS Electoral Committee and the District EC Commissioner at Hohoe following the due and legal proceedings for the election of the new executives. “The vetting committee results are also not out. How can a legal election even be conducted without these? The whole procession of NUGS is at Hohoe, going through the congress and waiting for the elections.” he then commented.

Efforts to reach Mr. Luqman Abubakar (UDS), who was sworn-in in Accra as ‘President’ by the General Secretary and squad to comment on his legitimacy as President by ugfile proved totally futile. Mr. Shadrach Mireku (UG), who was not an aspirant but was also elected at the said venue by the same team as ‘General Secretary’ for NUGS did not also give any legitimate/legal reasons for his appointment, as he finely postponed the interview.

Speaking to the Local NUGS President for University of Ghana (Central Campus) Mr. Derrick Abotsi; he emphatically stated the UG delegation to the 50th NUGS Congress, including the SRC President Ms. Esinam Seade, are present in Hohoe for the congress and waiting for the legal and official elections to be held later on. He also emphasized on the support of the SRC to the NUGS Executive Aspirants according to the UG SRC 5-year Strategic Plan. He categorically stated he did not know of any one of the name “Shadrach Mireku” going for any NUGS Position from UG, and there is no name as such in the delegates’ list. “There is no one like that in our delegation or aspirants’ list. I am totally foreign to that name but if my memory serves me right, there was someone with that name in the UG caucus going for UG SRC Presidency but was not such privileged. But in this 50th NUGS, there is no one with that name from the University of Ghana delegation. It is totally foreign”.

Information reaching ugfile also indicates the presence of the SRC President for University of Development Studies (UDS) and their Local NUGS President in Hohoe for the NUGS congress proceedings and formal elections, and hence their obvious dissociation from Mr. Luqman Abubakar, the so-called “President-Elect”.

The other “elected-executives” from Accra are Lovelace Antwi for Treasurer, Emmanuel Boakye Yiadom for Coordinating Secretary, Kwasi Frimpong for Press and Information Secretary, Peter K. Ania for Education and Democratization Secretary and Charles Osei  for Financial Controller. Zahid Saddique (International Relations Secretary), Foster Korankye-Gyan (Project and Programs Secretary) and Naomi Tawiah (Women’s Commissioner) were also ‘elected’ but are not in the official NUGS aspiring list.

The official and constitutional elections are expected to take place today in Hohoe, V/R.


Daniel Amewor, ugfile

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