Prof. Ibok has admonished students of the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology (KNUST) to put into practice what they are being taught in school.

Speaking in the forum ‘My skill, My business’ Training organized by the Science Students Association (SCISA) of the university to help students get some skills in soap making, preparation of flavored drinks, beads making and website designing, she stated that students face a threat in the job market if they complete school without practicable skills.

Prof. Ibok N. Oduro, an associate professor as well as the head for the Biochemistry and
Biotechnology and Food Science and Technology Departments of KNUST, challenged students to put seriousness into some of these things as it gives them the opportunity to learn the skills that will make them blessed after school.

She stressed that employers now look for graduates who can really do something practical with the skills and knowledge they acquired as that will expand the horizons of their companies. She touched on some of the weaknesses of graduates, saying they solely rely on their theoretical thinking in the industries they find themselves after school and that is a problem as they cant really put into practice what they learnt.

She claims graduates will enjoy it most and have a successful professional career if they are to combine both the theoretical and practical aspects of what they were taught; the latter, which will be achieved through some of these organized seminars on campus as they equip you with some skills. Hence, students should not be reluctant to attend some these programs.

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