KNUST SRC Under More Fire for “Giving Needy Students’ Scholarships to their Loyalists”


Asante Eric Guggisberg, Level 200, KNUST

A concerned student at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has called upon the next SRC administration to rescue the next KBN list from the
patronage of political appointees, campaign agents and friends of the SRC.

KETEWA Biara Nsua (KBN), a students’ fund manned by the Students Representative Council (SRC) of KNUST is a scholarship scheme supposed to benefit students from less endowed secondary schools. The fund which also has support from the Vice Chancellor’s Office is meant to pay the Academic Facility User Fees (AFUF) and accommodation facility of beneficiaries.

It has however come under scrutiny as some students are of the view that people who benefit from the scholarship do not deserve it, but only get it due to the cronyism of the SRC. Asante Eric Guggisberg, a 2nd year Business Adminstration student told that his concern seeks to make integrity indispensable and make
sure that every KBN beneficiary truly is in need and deserves the scholarship.

“Yes, the less endowed students should benefit first before satisfying your friends who helped you win the election. Honestly, I for instance, am a beneficiary but some people are clearly in need more than I am. That is how i see it. There are students else where who really need it to make their stay on campus a comfortable one. It will shock you to know that a colleague student here has to turn a sheet of paper into a common menstrual pad during her period. Such a lady is clearly in need more than I am. lf you give such a lady a scholarship, it’s a well deserved one and the integrity and the reputation of the SRC body will always be on the high. Some people have also paid only part of their school fees and this one, they are many so imagine if these students benefit from the KBN. They could make full payment with it or satisfy their needs on campus”.

Mr Guggisberg went further to state that the interviewers should be a bit vigilant and ask important questions during the interviews that determine merit of the scholarship.

“You see, most of the questions they ask there are irrelevant. If you ask me questions like; the type of phone that I use; how I managed to pay my admission fee, you create window for me to lie as its difficult for you to know whether am speaking the truth or not. Moreover, you can’t just look at my personality and tell me I’m not in need hence I cannot benefit. These are the things they do there and it’s a cause for worry. They should understand that some problems are situational and not absolute. The best way is to ask them to bring their admission letters as it embodies the school they came from; whether it’s a less endowed one or not. This is the best way to assess their background because the admission letters tell it all. I am really looking forward to the next SRC adminstration to respectfully listen to my petition and do something about it.”

Hopefully Mr. Guggisberg’s petition will be heard, and the less endowed students will receive the help they deserve.


Steven Zando

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